Ferdinand Magellan

One of the most remembered explores to ever live!

A man of vision!

Ferdinand Magellan has always seen the world as a whole. Since he was a little boy he has studied mapmaking and navigation. By his mid-20's, he was sailing in large fleets and was committed in combat. In 1519, with the support of King Charles V of Spain, Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe. He assembled a fleet of ships and despite huge setbacks, his own death included, proved that the world was round.
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A man known for his tribute to the world!

A well educated man!

Ferdinand Magellan was born 1480 in Porto, Circa. When Magellan was 10 years old became a page for the queen. He studied at Queen Leonora's school of Pages in Lisbon and spent his days poring over texts on cartography, astronomy, and celestial navigation- subjects that would serve him well in his later pursuits.

A Man with a Dream!!!

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