Immigration Final Project


Research Question

  • Make sure you are clear on your research question
  • Your goal is to research and come up with an answer to your question
  • If it turns out your research question has more than one answer, you can present the different points of view, or you can argue why one point of view is what you've conclude is the most important


  • You must use a minimum of three sources
  • You may use print, subscription database, and online sources


  • All sources must be cited in EasyBib
  • Make sure you are signed into EasyBib
  • Make sure you have a project called Immigration in EasyBib
  • Add all your citations to the same project. This will make your bibliography easier to export at the end.
  • When you have all your citations done, export your bibliography to Google Drive and then copy and paste it onto the final slide of your presentation.
  • Rename your document First initial Last Name Immigration Bibliography


  • You should be taking detailed, organized notes. They do not have to be Power Notes but they should be detailed and organized.
  • You should not be coping and pasting blocks of text. Pull out keywords and phrases, and the rest should be in your own words
  • Remember, you do not need to be writing in compete sentences. Bullets are fine.

Google Slide Presentation


  • Your presentation should be a minimum of 7 slides, including a title slide and bibliography slide
  • Do not exceed 10 slides
  • Follow the 7x7 rule - no more than 7 bullet points on a slide, no more than 7 words per a bullet


  • Your presentation should be 2-3 minutes
  • You should be able to explain your information, elaborating beyond what's on your slides
  • You will use Screencastify to record yourself giving your presentation on your Chromebook
  • Practice before you record!

Using Screencastify

  • Make sure you have added Screencastify from the Chrome store
  • You should see the Screencastify icon on the right in your browser (it looks like a film strip)
  • Click the icon and select "Record Desktop"
  • Share your entire screen
  • You will have a 3-second countdown when you can go into presentation mode on your Google Slide Presentation and begin your presentation
  • When you are done, click stop
  • Your screencast will automatically save to Google Drive
  • The title of your screencast will be today's date and time. Click on the title and rename it Your First initial Last Name Immigration Screencastify
  • Your video saves to the Screencastify folder in Google Drive.


Do You Have...

  • A title slide
  • A minimum of 5 content slides
  • A bibliography slide with at least 3 sources plus any images used
  • Abiding by the 7x7 rule

Can You...

  • Talk about your topic without reading directly from your slides?
  • Answer questions on the topic?

Did You...

  • Check the rubric on Google Classroom to make sure you have everything you need?
  • Think about what you're going to say before you record?
  • Practice?
  • Make note cards if you needed to?

Submitting Work

  • Attach your Screencastify recording to your Immigration Final project Assignment
  • Attach your EasyBib bibliography to your Immigration Final Project assignment
  • Turn in