The big junior race

The junior iditarod

By Sofia Villareal and Coen Wachob

Feb 4th 2016

what is a junior iditarod

  • Junior iditarod only allows kids 14-17 to participate.
  • The junior iditarod is usually around 148 to 158 miles.
  • Held the weekend before adult iditarod.
  • whoever wins the junior iditarod leads the adults through there track for 20 miles.
  • There are atleast 10 mushers in a junior race.

About the Musher

  • A musher is the person who takes care and races the dogs.
  • When snow deep musher keeps dogs running at 10 to 12 mph so they don't get out of breath.
  • Uses these commands to control the dogs Mush which mean go faster, Gee which means turn right, Haw means turn left, and whoa which means stop.
  • The musher are required to have special gear such as alternate battery-powered light and eight dog booties.

About the famous dogs

  • During race the dogs are required to wear these shoes called dog booties so they don't get cuts from the snow and ice.
  • since the dogs run long miles they loose a lot of calories so they need to eat a high fat kibble .
  • Before and after the race the dogs will be checked to see if their injured in any way.
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