Whats to come

Im so excited and pumped up after convention. So many new products,incentive trip,new back office the list goes on. I also have a new incentive program that I am starting for my front line ladies, that is you!! Read on......


For my first line ladies!Thats you:)

So I have been told by many of you that you love my incentives. Even though they arent huge,its always exciting to earn something special for your hard work. This new incentive is for my front line only. It is not a competition! This is strictly to reward your hard work and for you to start setting goals for yourselves. I want you all to start setting goals each month that are personal no matter how big or small. You all got into this business for differant reasons. Maybe it was to make an extra $500.00 a month?? maybe it was to grow your team and have your commission check be a certain amount of money to reward your leadership?? Maybe it was just to get out of the house a couple times a month for some mom time??Whatever it was/is set your goal and reward yourself monthly....You deserve it!!That being said,the goals I have set for you are very achievable and if you are working your business you can do this:) SOOOO, here is what I am offering. Again, its not huge but the end result is going to be pretty cool ,,,(I think anyway) starting in August, when you reach the certain level below you will get each prize at each level.My incentive program allows you to earn a silver european bracelet. Once you earn the bracelet you will then earn a differant owl charm for the bracelet. Each month it will be a differant owl charm.My goal is for each of you to earn the owl bracelet with 11 owls which you can wear at the convention next year.If you go to convention you will recieve the 12th and final owl to complete your bracelet. It will be fun to see my team with their well earned bracelets!! Its ok if you dont have them all. Some months are just busy and life happens.I totally get that. Do what you can,build your bracelet as you will and enjoy showing off your hard work. I cant wait to see how well you all do!!Any questions, please ask.

$500.00 pv free birthstone for that month

$1300.00 pv earns your bracelet

$1500.00 pv earns the bracelet and first owl charm:)

After you earn your bracelet, each owl charm of the month is earned with $1300.00 pv each month.

I am also giving a prize each month for the person with the top PV on my front line. Each month will be a differant prize and you will be recognized in the newsletter and/or my team call.

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team call

Me ,Kristina and Erin will be hosting a Owlistas team call this Sunday 21st at 8:30pm. Recaping convention,revealing the new products for fall and talking about the new improved starter kits. Oh and the first incentive trip that you can earn.How exciting!

#1-209-255-1000 code#712177. This call will be recorded, however if you have questions we will be reserving the last 15 minutes for questions and answers.

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Last thing!

I want you to know I appreciate each one of you. Because of my team,each of you, I have hit the Senior Team Leader level. At convention we were told when we hit this level we could name our teams. I am still in the prossess of getting approval from the nest as no other team can then take our name. Right now I am asking for "The Whootieologists". I thought it was cute:) You are still a Whootie Whoot and Owlista. You will be on all teams in the linage its just a way to try to help the flow of questions etc to be directed into your upline. We will continue to be apart of both facebook pages,that will not change. Please continue to add anyone of your new team downline to both of those groups. I will keep you posted on confirmation name of my team.

Remember I am always here if you need anything. If I cant answer I will find it for you. I want you all to be successful with your businesses.This fall is going to be crazy! I hope you are all ready for a wild ride!!

Leigh Ronsen