home made kites

John perry

kite blue print

I am doing a delta kite and I'm useing an old rain poncho for the sail, two plastic sticks,tape and string.

how to make the kite

first place the two sticks in a triangle shape then tape them together at the top.After that place the sticks on the rain poncho and trace the triangle.Next take the sticks off and cut the poncho out a little bit bigger then the triangle on the the poncho.Then put the sticks in the triangle and tape it down and fold the triangle down and tape them.Finally put cut out the tail and tape it to the bottom center and atach the string.

creating my kite

creating the kite

steps 1-6

1.tape 2 sticks together2.lay them down on the poncho and trace it3.tape the other sticks down in a cross4.tape all the sticks down5.cut out the triangle6.attach the strings

thats it