The Big House Suite

Samuel Tejchma

What comes in the suite?

  1. It includes 15 cushioned box seats that have all the legroom and space one would need. A bar with a bartender working the whole game with price reduced drinks, hot dogs, burgers, nachos, and other stadium foods provided. There are also 3 small tables with chairs at each one if you don't feel like sitting in the box seats. Access to a VIP bathroom only people who have suites can use. Price reduced apparel and souvenirs, and they will get notified when other team souvenirs get sold such as game balls, or used jerseys. There will also be 2 60” Smart T.V.s in the suite in case you want to watch other games or anything you want because they include every channel. A pool table and ping pong table. There is even a sofa and reclining chair in case you want to get comfy. Also, free WiFi will be provided.

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The Big House Bar

$30,000 To run and build

You will also be brought to and from the stadium in a limo and get to enter the stadium and leave the stadium in a special entrance with no foot traffic

Total Spent