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I am very excited about getting my class blog up and running. I have all of my students joined and they have begun to reply to what I have posted. Please take a look at what they have already begun to share. It is open to view and all replies are sent to me first for approval before they can be viewed. The students know that I do not want "text talk" replies. They are encouraged to remember that sentences begin with capital letters, spelling is important and end with some type of punctuation. I have made a new post and will look forward to seeing their thinking! Very soon they will be posting some of their published works that they are most proud of.

We will decorate bags on Friday-Student names provided for Valentine cards

Andrew, Caroline, Ryan, Susanna, Nicholas, Amanda,

Eddie, Grant, Neil, Kate, Braden, Carson, Ashton,

Natalie, Diego, Rylan, Ashley, Matthew, Marigny,

Thomas, and Hayden

Upcoming Events...

  • No party-Card exchange only---2/14
  • Student Holiday-----------2/17
  • Spring Break----------------3/10-14
  • Early Release 12:30-------3/28
  • Writing STAAR 1-----------4/1
  • Writing STAAR 2-----------4/2
  • Student Holiday----------4/17
  • Good Friday Holiday----4/18
  • Math STAAR-----------------4/22
  • Reading STAAR-------------4/23

Science Fair Project Timeline Due Dates

January 10


Topic--Choose a topic.

Purpose--State your purpose as a question or a statement.

Hypothesis--Form a hypothesis. What do you think will happen?

January 17

Materials--List all materials that will be used in your experiment.

Procedures--List and describe steps taken to complete the project.

Research--Write down any ideas you have and where you got them. (Must have 3 resources)

NOTE: The Project Summary does not have to be typewritten. If more space is needed, please use and staple extra paper to the original sheet.

January 24

Written Report--ROUGH DRAFT

Title Page

Acknowledgement Page

Table of Contents

The Purpose


January 31

Research--All information should be summarized and presented in this section. It should be written in the student’s own words and not copied from the source.

Materials--List all materials that were used in your experiment.

Procedures of Investigation--List and describe steps taken to complete the project.

February 7

Results--Tell what happened when you did the experiment.

Conclusion--This is a brief statement explaining why a project turned out the way it did.

Reference Page--In alphabetical order, list all the resources that you used to research your project.

Conventions--Proper use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. MUST be typed.

February 14


TITLE--Does the title catch the people’s attention and is it large enough to be read from across the room?





RESULTS/GRAPHS/CHARTS--Did you use pictures and diagrams to effectively convey information about the project?


Conventions--Proper use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization on all elements on the display board.

Neatness/Organization--Are the sections on the display board organized like a newspaper so they are easy to follow?

February 21

Students will begin signing up for a day to present the project in class. Dates for presentations will be February 24-28.

ORAL PRESENTATION: 5-8 minutes long

Introduction--Student introduces himself/herself and gives the title of the project.

Statement of Purpose/Hypothesis, Explanation of Procedure, Explanation of Results/Charts and Graphs, Conclusion, Keeps Good Posture/Eye Contact/Speaks Clearly