Kids (and Teachers) These Days

by FriedTechnology August 12, 2012

Smart Phones Clip from 'Til Death

Walking around the Dolly

First, a story! Remember story time? It was like this . . .

Work Together in Google Docs

Please join me in this Google Doc. I'll provide the links I talk about here and we'll share our information:

Make Smores IN SCHOOL is a web 2.0 tool you can use to make fancy interactive handouts and lessons like this one. It's easy to use and beautiful. What more could you ask for?

A high school senior’s view of textbooks and worksheet packets

Check out this guest post on the "Dangerously Irrelevant" blog from a high school senior named Tucker. He has some great insights on schooling methodology through the eyes of a student.

If this is what your life is like "these days" . . .

These Days...

Use Google Chrome

Learn about five Chrome extensions for education from Amy's blog here:

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