Jane Addams


Early Life

She graduated from the Rockford female Seminary as valedictorian. She studied medicine for the next 6 years at Rockford Collage, but left because of health problems. She toured Europe and did a lot of volunteer work. She did speeches in the neighborhoods.

What makes Jane Addams a progressive?

This makes good ole Jane a progressive because she spoke and did speeches about needs in the communities she was in. As she is giving speeches throughout places her publicity grew. She became more active in larger felids of political responsibility. Jane became first women president of the National Conference of Charities and Corrections. She saw that women weren't really getting their voices heard and she didn't like that we as women didn't have the right to vote. She opened up Hull House which helped immigrants have a place to stay until they are comfortable and on their feet.

Some Pictures of the Beauty....... Hull House


Major Accomplishments

Her greatest and most known accomplishment was creating and being co-founder of Hull House. She kept it open and changed immigrants and the poor's life's out of the streets and in safe comfortable homes and beds. She also helped the women's and everyone's rights for voting by doing speeches for it.

Why did I want to research Jane Addams?

I wanted to research good Jane because she was so known for the Hull House of course and I really loved learning about it and I thought that it was a great idea. She also stood up and spoke for her rights some people were scared about doing that but she didn't care what they thought! :)