Oh! The Places You'll Go!

2015-2016 LVES Weekly Staff Newsletter

Week of January 11-15, 2016

General Education/Special Education Teacher Meetings Monday!

Climbing Structure coming this week

Thanks to our wonderful PTO Playground Improvement Committee, the back playground will be getting a new climbing structure this week. Third and Fourth grade - installation is supposed to begin on Tuesday and it will take two days. Unfortunately, you will not be able to have kids on the playground if they are working. I thought we could keep the students away from the area, but we can't. So, if there is work happening during your recess time on those days, you will not be able to have recess. The last grade level on the front playground comes in at 12:40, so you are welcome to adjust your recess times on those days and go out on the front playground.

Family Fun Night on Tuesday

If you need a dinner idea on Tuesday night, come to PDQ and help Eric and I make milkshakes and take orders. There is not an assigned grade level for this month, but Kindergarten is up for February 9th.

Typo in the LVES Weekly

In the Upcoming Events section of the parent newsletter, I put that January 18th is a Student and Staff holiday. It is NOT a holiday for staff, it is a staff development day for us. Sorry if it caused any confusion:-)

Math Fact Tests

Don't forget that math fact tests are due to Tasha. If you have not already given your class results to Tasha, please do so by Friday.

DRA and IStation

Please make sure that you take your students to the computer lab for the monthly IStation assessment. This data, along with DRAs, will help us determine Tier 3 students. The DRA window will close on January 29th. K-1 will need to DRA all students, 2-4 will need to DRA students below grade level or students that you are worried about. Joanne and Rachel will DRA students they pull for Title 1.

Math Screeners

To be consistent with the beginning of the year math screeners, we will be administering MCOMP/MCAP and Early Numeracy assessments. Tasha will send out a schedule soon for the Early Numeracy assessments for K and 1. She will put the copies in your boxes that you will need for MCAP and MCOMP. Please administer these the week of January 18th - 22nd, and have the results to Tasha by Wednesday, January 27th.

PLC's this week...

It's that time to talk about Lucy Calkins and how students are progressing on their writing skills. So, bring writing samples from your last lesson and let's talk writing. Can't wait to see writing samples:-)

Faculty Meeting

The faculty meeting this week will be CIP Team Meetings. We will meet in the library at 3:05 pm to enjoy snacks provided by 3rd grade:-)

Weekly Attendance Goal

Our attendance percentage for the week of January 7th:

  • 94%

Weekly Quote

I can't believe that it's already the second semester!

"How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?"

Dr. Seuss

Faculty Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff members this week:

  • Stacey Bingham - January 9th
  • Tricia Sosa - January 10th
  • Tammy Moseley - January 13th

We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Mark Your Calendar - be sure to add "Elementary Staff Calendar"

  • January 11th - Gen Ed/Sped Teachers meet during conference time
  • January 12th - LVES Family Fun Night at PDQ -
  • January 13th - CIP Team Meetings, 3:05 pm - 3rd Grade provides snacks
  • January 14th - CEIC Meeting, 3:15 pm in Library
  • January 18th - Staff Development Day, Student Holiday - schedule coming soon
  • January 21st - Ocean Week 2016 Planning Meeting, 3:05 pm in Library
  • January 22nd - Early Release at 11:30 am
  • January 22nd - District UIL Meet in Jarrell
  • January 25th - End of 3rd weeks grading period
  • January 25th - Tier 3 Meetings