Here Comes the Dragon

Bruce Lee

  1. Bruce Lee chose the chines art of Wing-Chon a competitively simple form of Kung-Fu, in which his master Yip-man taught him.
  2. Bruce Lee was also a skilled Cha Cha dancer
  3. Bruce Lee injured his lower back and began to write out the basics of his own style of self-defense, eventually filling eight two-inch-thick notes books
  4. In 1964 Bruce Lee demonstrated his method to the public in Long Beach California
  5. Bruce Lee also caught the attention of popular people all over America. Celebrity clients such as Steve McQueen, James Coburn, Sterling Siliphant, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar paid $250 an hour for private lessons from Bruce Lee

Did you know?

Bruce lee's son died young in a movie casting. he got shot with a real gun instead of a fake one.

Bruce Lee demostrates his techniques at Long Beach

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Bruce Lee teaches Kareem Abdul Jabbar

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