Courtly Love

Medieval Times, by: Makayla Spagnola

Steps of Courtly love.

1) Poets sing songs to royalty.

2) Conclude on "Affairs of the heart"

3) Women had to join in the knights journeys.

Rules that kings must follow.

If the knight is to meet his lover in public, he must treat her like a stranger so that no one will get suspicious. And, the lover (knight) must treat his lady like a saint.

Any interesting facts?

Yes. One fact is that, the lord is completely in control of the relationship. Also, relationships are typically between a knight, and a lord/lady. And last but not least, courtly love may have served a useful social purpose.



The knight would swear, "Not to cut his hair, drink wine, or sleep in a bed".

Backgrounds to romance.

"Courtly lovers were very strict when it came to secrets."

Courtly love, Revelations.

"True love must be free."

Some ladies, didn't want courtly love to happen to them. for example

One lady threw her glove into a lions den, and she said that if he really loved her, that he would go fetch it for her.