Comparing the UK and Haiti

Finn and Nick

Comparing the United Kingdoms and Haiti's population

The UK population is over 54 million more than Haiti's. The Uk population is about 63 million and Haiti's population with only about 9 million.

Life span of each country

The life span difference between the two countries is over 20 years apart. With the United Kingdom 78-82 years old and Haiti's average life span of 61-64 years old.

Top health concerns

United Kingdom- most of UK's health issues are are caused by unhealthy life decisions like eating unhealthy, smoking, not exercising. The top health killers is heart disease, strokes, and cancer.

Haiti- There big health concern is cholera and HIV/AIDS. Cholera is kinda like a plague that started after the earthquake in 2010, and HIV/AIDS was caused by poor living.

United Kingdoms major cities population

LONDON (capital) 9.005 million; Birmingham 2.272 million; Manchester 2.213 million; West Yorkshire 1.625 million; Glasgow 1.137 million; Newcastle upon Tyne 874,000

Haiti's major cities population

PORT-AU-PRINCE (capital) 2.207 million
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UK and Haiti's food supply

The UK has farms all across the country were they produce food and they get food shipped from other countries. This really doesn't affect the population.

Haiti's food supply is scarce, most of their food is shipped in from other countries, but most of the time it is not enough. This could affect the population because people could die of starvation before having the ability to have kids.