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Issue 3 - 06 Sept 2019

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All Things New by Mr Luke Chaeter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is incredible how quickly the weeks are passing, and already we have completed the first three weeks of the new academic year.

During this week, I have had the opportunity to walk around the primary campus and it has been wonderful to see the students engaged in a wide range of excellent learning experiences. Creative writing, investigations, developing understanding of the human skeleton, analysis of literature and developing knowledge of the stars and the solar system have all been evident.....what a busy school! I have also had many trip approvals to sign off, to further develop the skills of the students, the next few weeks are going to be very exciting!

An area of the school which I always enjoy is that of the library, a great space, and seeing the classes access this space is particularly pleasing, reading is the cornerstone of all learning, and we are very lucky to have a great facility, supported by dedicated staff who ensure that a health ethos of reading is prevalent throughout the school!

This week, I also had the privilege of hosting my first BPS PTC. This is made up of a collaborative team of parents and teachers, whose underlying aim is to support the school, and more importantly the learning for all students. I could see how passionate these members are and, leaving the meeting, it was clear that all want the school to be as successful as possible, sharing the underlying philosophy that students come first!

Finally, I would like to thank all the community for supporting the efforts of making the school drop off as safe as possible for all children. This week has seen a tremendous improvement, and hopefully a better and safer experience for all first thing in the morning!

Kindest regards and best wishes

Luke Chaeter

TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

Click here for the changes of this year's academic calendar.

Upcoming Parent Workshops in Primary and Secondary

“How to Help Your Child Become A Successful Reader”

27th September 2019 08:15-09:15, EPC Amphitheatre

This parent workshop is aimed at children in the Early Years (Nursery and Reception) and will discuss essential pre-reading skills, provide you with knowledge and ideas of how to help your child develop a love of reading and a rich literacy early years foundation.

Examinations & University Results Presentation for Parents - by Mrs Sonya Papps

I will hold an open presentation for parents on our 2019 IGCSE and IB examination results. In the second half Nancy Chien will join me to share the Class of 2019's university offers (institutions where our students received an offer), and final matriculation destinations (where our students decided to attend). Date: Wednesday, 18th September, 10:00am ESC MPR. All TES parents are welcome. For seating and catering purposes please RSVP via email to: HSSecretary@tes.tp.edu.tw

Parent Workshop Schedule 2019-2020 - Term 1

Click here for the updated Parent Workshop Schedule

Seesaw Parent Workshop - by Mr Craig Gamble

Tuesday morning saw an excellent turn out of parents for the first parent workshop of the year at BPS about Seesaw. The workshop, which was Led by Frank Chung, Rebecca Preston and Craig Gamble, introduced parents to the Family App for Seesaw and outlined our fresh approach with Seesaw this year. Seesaw is now our main form of communication with parents about the students’ learning journey, with all activity posted on Seesaw being viewable by the parents of the individual child. This gives parents a window into the classroom and a clearer picture of the tasks and activities that their children are completing in class. Parents also have the ability to comment on their child’s work through the Seesaw app and offer encouragement and praise in real time. Year groups will also be using Seesaw to send out the weekly Blog post to parents and, starting from next week, a link to the newsletter will also be included. Many thanks to all those that attended and for your valuable feedback at the end of the session. If you have any questions about Seesaw please reach out to your child’s teacher in the first instance, myself or Mr Frank Chung in the BPS tech office situated next door to the IT classroom.

Natasha Devon Parent Presentation

This week were very pleased to be able to host, in collaboration with BSHS, the writer and activist Natasha Devon in the EPC Amphitheatre, where she was able to talk to parents and staff about issues such as mental health, body image, gender and social equality. Next up we will have the Early Years specialist Jan Dubiel visiting from the UK to talk to parents about “How to Help Your Child Become A Successful Reader”.

Nursery Cooking Fun! - by Mrs Jennie Bonnalie

On Tuesday the Nursery children began 'Process Cooking'. In ‘Process Cooking’, the children make the same recipe every week. The child does most of the task. They make their own mixtures using their own equipment. They also use regular cooking utensils like sieves and dough cutters. This is important as it demonstrates to the child that they are competent, knowledgeable learners, and can be trusted to use real equipment.

Recipe cards with simple instructions and volumes are set out as a guide for the children, which helps assist them in following the different steps of the process.

The teachers are actively involved, albeit taking on a supporting role, as the child does
most of the cooking and preparation. As there is cooking involved, adults need
to also ensure that the environment is safe. It is also an excellent opportunity for the
adults to extend the learning, develop language and promote a collaborative learning

The smell of the bread cooking is just divine, which also gives the children a rich and enjoyable sensory experience.

Professional Development Updates - by Mr Luke Chaeter

On occasion, we would like to update all of our community on the professional development of our staff. We believe that this is important, and also further shows our commitment in ensuring that we provide the best educational experience for your children. This week the focus is on Kay Chaeter (Year 1 Teacher)

Kay Chaeter - MSc International Safeguarding

The first course of its kind in the world, safeguarding children and safeguarding vulnerable adults are issues which involve multi-disciplinary, inter-agency working.

Kay has been developing her skill set around global issues such as trafficking of people, technology and international policy, which will further support the school to ensure that all are as safe as possible.

Kay believes that all children and young adults have the right to feel and be safe, an ethos shared by all of TES.

Purple Mash - by Mr Craig Gamble

The implementation of Purple Mash across the BPS is drawing closer and Mr Gamble has been working hard to make sure that every teacher and student is able to access this wonderful resource. Purple Mash can be used to inspire young writers, extend coding skills as well as boost the creativity of our students across all areas of the curriculum, delivering a truly unique Edtech experience for our learners. Look out for future announcements soon about the launch of Purple Mash.

Parent Teacher Council Representatives Needed - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Dear Community,

We currently have vacancies for our Parent Teacher Council.

This is a great opportunity to work closely with members of the school community, including staff to gain an insight into the British Primary Section and support continual improvement.

There will be a commitment of attending a monthly meeting, which starts alternatively at 3.30pm and 6pm.

If you are interested, please email Debra @

debra.lee@tes.tp.edu.tw with your confirmed interest by Wednesday 11th September.

Luke Chaeter

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Parent Teacher Consultations

A reminder that Parent Teacher Consultations will be taking place on Wednesday 11th September. This is an ideal opportunity to speak with your child's teacher to ensure that they have settled well into the new academic year. Please be reminded no ECAs on that day.


If your child arrives after 08.00, please ensure that they go to the office, to allow for the attendance register to be updated.

Picking up children

Please ensure that you contact the office directly if you have arranged for another adult to pick up your child. If we have not been informed, we will ring you directly to check that this arrangement has been authorised by you. The safety of your children is our priority!


A reminder that the ECA program will begin next week (Monday 9th September).

Morning Drop Off

Thank you for the great support regarding the 7.40 am drop off. Mr Gatley and myself have seen a significant improvement, and will continue to monitor the situation.

Taipei European School British Primary Section

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry. Thank you