Distance Learning Concludes for Now

June 1, 2020

Last Week & This week

This is certainly not the end of the year any of us expected even a week ago. With the killing of George Floyd , demonstrations and violence this past week many of us continue to try to process these events and take action.

You will notice the videos selected this week represent the highs and lows of the week. Congratulations once again to our graduates and thank you to all of the staff that made it possible.

There were several windows broken at our building, but all windows are double paned and the integrity of the school has been maintained. On Saturday there were MPS & TPlus staff and strangers that helped clean the graffiti fom our building - Sunday morning there was no new graffiti to the building and TPlus staff added signs to the building helping define the work we do- Thank you Nadine and Sarah.

The tentative plan for Thursday is that we will roll everything into one day- Diploma Drop off- Locker item pick up, classroom clean out and key drop off. Please check your email Thursday morning before coming at your scheduled time to ensure plans haven't change. They changed several times throughout the day today and we need to remain flexible on what will happen.

I want to remind of resources that you and your students/families have available

Support documents for staff and for students.

Please know - I see you! I care about you! I love you! We will get through this together!

Union leadership opportunity around Covid-19 and re-entry back to school:

The union is seeking members who want to work on a Covid-19 task force. This group will discuss and plan for the re-entry back to school in the fall and also consider teacher rights and responsibilities in terms of distance learning. This is a chance for teachers to ensure that their voices are at the table when decisions are made. It would be great to have Transition Plus representation at these meetings.

Please take a moment to fill out this survey on issues raised by Covid-19: https://forms.gle/U9b86v1HEsLWjY7cA

If you are interested in contributing to this kind of work this summer with the Covid-19 Task Force, please contact Dan Troccoli at dantroccoli@gmail.com.

Also, please let Tia or Liz know if you are interested.

Device problems?

If students/ families are have issues with devices here is the form to fill out . You can either forward the form to your students/families or work with them on filling it out.


SEA Pool

Shira Rowland created a SEA pool for Transition Plus. Here are the Internal and External links.

Chat and Chill

Chat and Chill has concluded for this school year.

From the Community School Collaborative

Hey Everyone! We are continuing to support students' mental health needs during this time of distance learning. We have transitioned to telehealth, so many students meet with us online through Zoom. Some students we still meet in person, with social distancing precautions.

We're open to new referrals, as well, so please keep us in mind as you think of your students needs.

If you have questions about whether a student is a good fit for our services, or want to make a referral, please ask your social worker. Thanks!

End of the Year Details

  1. Staff Instructions- make sure you are clicking on the links to see the details and your scheduled times.

This Week at T-Plus

Monday-------------------- Java w/ Jay-----------------------8:30


Wednesday--------------- MC Team Mtg------------------8:30

Thursday-------------------Diploma Distribution/ Classroom Clean out/

Friday------------------------ILT ------------------------------------8:30

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