Galileo Galilei

By: Alayna Murphy


Galileo was a mathematician, engineer, physicist, philosopher and astronomer. He was very important in the scientific revolution. He is very well known for his contribution to astronomy and his courage to go against what the church said.

Galileos early life

He was born February 15th 1564 in Pisa Italy. His father was a lute composer and music professor, and Galileo was introduced to music at a young age. Galileo wanted to be a priest when he grew up, but his father pushed him to be in the medical field, and so Galileo went to Pisa University to study medicine. Galileo wasn't satisfied with what his father wanted to be. He soon discovered his calling was mathematics and natural philosophy.


Galileo invented many things, but the most popular are the telescope, the pendulum clock and the thermometer. The most popular was him advancing the telescope. Galileo didn't invent the telescope, but he furthered it and made it into a better product.

What he's known for

Galileo is known for going against the church with his own word. He said that the solar system was set up differently, that the earth wasn't the center of everything. He put that in a book he wrote, and it caused uproar. The church forced Galileo for an apology and to admit he was wrong, but Galileo only apologized and didn't take back what he said. For that he was sentenced to house arrest for the rest of his life.

Later life/ death

Galileo died in his home, under house arrest, at 78 from a fever and heart palpitations on January 8, 1642. Even though he was under house arrest, that didn't stop him from still learning, studying and discovering new things. Many people were able to visit him, helping and learning from him. IN his final years, he wasn't able to do much, so he played the lute and had help from many people, who also read to him and helped with studies.

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