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Canada's Government

Canada has a pretty good government system. They have a federal system of government. That means power is divided between the central government and the state's and province's government. They also have a constitutional monarchy as part of their government. This means they have a monarchy, just that they don't live in Canada. They have actually zero power in Canada. Canada has a parliamentary democracy as their type of government. That means they have a parliament for their legislative branch. For Canada it is made up of the house of commons and the senate. So I would try to visit those places.

Canada's History

Canada is a really cool country. It also has some really cool historic sites. For one thing Quebec has really god historic. You can visit the famous Quebec Act. Canada has been heavily affected from the two countries of France and England. France has been affecting Canada by their language. So if you go to Canada you might want to go to french classes. France has also explored Canada. They have also controlled Canada and started a war about it against England. England came on top and started controlling Canada. They had some issues with the French Canadians at first but came to a resolution. England has affected Canada by effecting their government. So remember to visit the Prime Minister and Governor-General. Remember parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy.

Canada's Environmental Issues

Canada does have its set backs though. No country is perfect. Canada has some really acidic problems with their acid rain problem. It is also kind of our fault to. Since most of our factories are up north smoke travels to Canada. Combined with factories in Canada it travels into the atmosphere to come down as acid rain. The Canadian Shield hasn't been doing so good either. Since so much mining has taken place it has caused it to be really polluted. People also just leave the remains of the mining on the site. Then it is just so hard to do anything there. Last but not least there is the extracting of so many Canadian trees. It is highly important to the economy but it also is not helpful for it. When they cut down all of these trees there will barely any. That will not be good at all.

Some Important People to the Government

Why Should I Go?

This would be a great experience if you want to get off the couch and stop watching the same commercial over and over again. also helps with some of those calories you need to burn. Yes, I mean you.

Guaranteed to be a great place to enjoy