Code Like a Girl

Ridgeview Middle School - December 2014

Made with Code - Robin

December Meeting Activities

Field Trip - January 27th

Microsoft YouthSparks: Learn to Code

Tuesday, Jan. 27th 2015 at 9am-3pm

3309 Esperanza Crossing

Austin, TX

From the Microsoft website:

"Coding is for everyone! Learn how to code firsthand without having to master complex algorithms. The core principles of coding apply to all students as they learn to organize, communicate and execute in a logical manner. Students create and publish their own apps and games in conjunction with state/province curricula.

Field Trip Highlights include storytelling through gaming, building and testing simple code, publishing apps and more.

Innovative technologies used by students in this field trip include (for Learn to Code) TouchDevelop and Project Spark and (for Innovation) Office Lens, Office Mix, and WorldWide Telescope."

January Plans

Begin learning to code an app! This may require meeting more often on Thursdays. First meeting will be January ....

Field Trip is January 27th - permission slips will be due back the week before.