Local news update from the "Art Times" newspaper

Ashley Romero has FINALLY FINISHED all her projects!

We caught the famous Ashley in action when she was doing the last finishing touches on her projects. We were oh so honored when she excepted our earlier request for an interview. Here's a sneak peek on what she had to say. " Well, i'm very excited to show the world my latest collection of artwork and to share with everyone my inspiration behind the making of them. My real motivation was women. The beauty of women. They are beautiful creatures that are powerful enough to juggle a live at work and their traditional role in life at home with their families. They are the most dominant unstoppable prestige in American society today. This is a topic am very passionate about and wanted to portray my opinion through my works by making each one a different size shape color and scenario showing that no matter the circumstance every Woman can be beautiful in her own way and that we are all different but equal if not better!"