Download and Install HP Printer

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If you have recently bought an HP printer, you need to know how the installation takes place. The first thing is to install the right set of drivers. If HP Printer Driver is unavailable, get the drivers first, and then begin the installation. To download and install the HP printer driver, first, go to the official website of HP and then choose the device for which you need a driver, enter the model number and then download the file for drivers. Then open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen prompts to install the drivers.
Next, you need to install your printer, follow the steps to install the HP printer driver on your device.
  1. On your Windows-based device, go to the Change device installation settings.

  2. Then, click Yes and then Save Changes

  3. Connect your printer to the computer, using a USB connection, Wired connection, or wireless connection.

  4. Use “Add a printer” wizard to install the printer driver

  5. Now, print a document.

  6. Try to Scan a document

In case you come across any issue, it is suggested to contact the customer care team of HP. They will help you combat the issues that are interfering with the process of installation. Also, make sure that your computer and printer hardware are compatible to support the installation.

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