Gifted Ed is Basic Education

Gifted students in your classroom need need you to know!

What does giftedness look like?

You probably already have gifted students in your classrooms. Many of our brightest students go unidentified as gifted because educators and parents don't always recognize the characteristics of giftedness. Students in this category may: show advanced language and/or mathematical ability, unusual capacity for retention of large quantities of information, an unusual ability to conceptualize and connect learning to new situations, intense curiosity, heightened self-awareness, and creative thinking strategies. Keep an eye out for the student who seems bored by the standard curriculum. She or he may be a student who needs special services to meet their educational needs.

Are you sure you can meet the needs of gifted students in your classroom?

You may or may not be aware of how gifted students learn. They need learning experiences that are organized by key concepts and principles of a discipline rather than by facts. Good teaching for gifted learners is paced in response to the student's individual needs. Good teaching for gifted learners happens at a higher "degree of difficulty" than for many students their age. Good teaching for gifted learners requires an understanding of "supported risk." - See more at:

Additional Information

If you would like more information about the needs of gifted students, take time to visit the sights below. You can also contact me via email or phone. Also check out the video clip of students expressing their own views on why gifted educations is important.
Why Gifted Education is Important