Corps of Discovery

By Alec Liska

Top 10 Important lewis and Clark Facts

1. Animals

-Lewis and Clark found over 1,000 animals. They found 1001 deer,375 Elk,113 Beavers, and 56 Bears, These were some of the new discoveries of animals they found.

- When Lewis and Clark encountered the Bear they said that it looked like it weighed 600 pounds.


-Lewis and Clark were often so hungry that they had to eat, dried soup,flour, and even candles.

-Some of the natives traded steak,berries,vegetables,fruits,and roots. The natives that Lewis and Clark encountered were often very generous to them, Lewis and clark were lucky when I tribe that could've easily killed them decided not to, and turn back.

3. Transportation

-Lewis and Clark traveled over 8,000 miles on the expedition. Only one person died on the whole expedition.

-For transportation they built a keelboat which was 55 feet long, 8 feet wide, and carried up to 12 tons. It could also hold up to 27 men. They also built dugout canoes, they were 30 feet long and held up to 8 men. On the way back on the expedition, they flowed with the stream and traveled about 7 miles a day.

4. Sacagawea

-She helped Lewis and Clark tremendously, she told them what plants you could and couldn't eat.

-She saved some of Lewis and Clarks important cargo.

-When Lewis and Clark met a tribe, Sacagawea found out that it was her real father.

-She gave Lewis and Clark horses to transportate faster, and without her they probably would've had to walk, and that would've taking forever.

5.Lewis's dog (Seaman)

-was the only animal that made the whole entire trip

-Lewis and Clark performed surgery on one of his arteries (back leg) that was bitten by a beaver.

-He was stolen by Indians but Lewis threatened them and he was saved.

-He is a male dog

6.Fort Mandan

- was the encampment which the built for the winter

-It was built of cottonwood lumber.

-It was triangular shaped

-They met Sacagawea here

-On there way back the camp site was burned down


-Was a black slave in the expedition

-he was the only african-american person on the expedition

-he sometimes had some practical jokes and a play-actor

-he risked his life to save Clark's life by saving him from a flash flood

-He saved Lewis from a grizzly bear.

8.Sgt. Floyd

-His name was Charles (Charles Floyd)

-He took ill on August at the end of July 1804

-He died August 20 1804

-Floyd wrote in his diary "I am very sick and have been for sometime but have recovered my health again".

9.Lousiana Purchase

-The U.S. payed 50 million Francs.

-it was ceded to Spain in 1762

-Went to Napoleon in 1800

10.Great Falls

-On June 13 Lewis became the first white man to ever see the Great Falls

-900 feet wide

-80 feet high

-there were cactuses around it


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