Harry Potter

Books against Movies

The Books

In the books Harry is exceptional and has his own personality shine through. He is a caring boy who just wants to fit in. He is stunned that he is famous and was neglected by his aunt and uncle. He never had friends and Then has some. He also has to face an evil guy who killed his parents a bunch of times, but you can see his personality. Also, He has Green Eyes and messy hair.

The Movies

In the movies you see a kid who, has very little personality what so ever. He lives in a cupport and gets a bunch of letters and goes to a school of magic and has a friend.

You see not as powerful.

Also, His eyes are blue and his hair is Flat!

The pictures

The first Picture is of movie harry. Blue eyes, hair is flat, glasses not as thick as in the books.

The second is the cover of the first book. I know you can't see his hair is messy or he has green eyes but it is still a much better version.

I like the movies don't get me wrong

I just like books better