Road To Revolution

by: Dakota Secrist

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was very important to the time period because he was involved in many important things such as the Boston Tea Party,the Sons of liberty and also the Stamp Act. He was born on September 27, 1722, in Boston Massachusetts. He died on October 2nd 1803. His second cousin was John Adams. Samuel Adams played a vital role in helping to organize the Boston Tea party. He was important to the Boston Tea Party because he was the leader of The Sons Of Liberty which organized it. The Tea party was when the colonists wanted to fight back because of the taxing so Samuel Adams wanted to fight back and destroy the tea. It kinda backfired on the colonist because the british just wanted to tax more to make the money back. They got the idea to tax stamps and make more things require stamps which eventually was called The Stamp Act. He also was very important because he created the sons of liberty. The sons of liberty was a group that wanted to speak up. He was the leader of the group.They were the people who destroyed all the tea. Those are my few reasons why he was a really important person in his time period.

The Boston Massacre

The boston massacre was a very important event that happened at the time. This was a fight between the colonists and the british. The fight took place in the street on March 5 1770. All the colonists had to fight back with was to throw sticks and rocks. While the british had guns the ended up killing 5 colonist and wounded a ton more. This was the first time they actually shot a killed the colonists. The british were very unwelcome. Some of the key people that were involved was samuel adams and john adams they helped organize the sons of liberty and the sons of liberty were involved in the fight.One big consequence was that 5 colonists were killed. The boston massacre was a big event leading to the revolutionary war.

The Daughters Of Liberty

The Daughters Of Liberty were a very important to the time period they helped organize the stamp act and were part of the daughters of liberty. The daughters of liberty were a very important colonial group because they helped with the stamp act and many boycotts. They had a very big impact on the british because of all of the boycotts and every thing they did caused the british to fight back and cause more taxing.The daughters of liberty were a great example of cooperation. ONe reason they were was they had code words that no one knew. They also had secret symbols that no one could make out. Another reason they showed great cooperation was they used threats and intimidation were there weapons to scare and make tax collectors leave town. Some of the key people involved in the daughters of liberty were Sarah Franklin Bache and most importantly Samuel Adams because he was known for starting the daughters of liberty.That is why i think the daughters of liberty were one of the mane cooperative groups to the time period.


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