Reproductive Health

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No pictures will be provided in fear of permanent scaring.

Testicular exam

An exam only needed for males of all ages, and usually a yearly checkup will be made. The doctor is looking for an abnormalities in the testicles.

Prostate exam

Men middle age and up will have to go in to get their prostate checked, there is not a set amount of times they need a check up. The check up makes sure the prostate is fine and makes sure there is no signs of prostate cancer.


This is an exam that is only required for women, usually between the ages of 50-74. Women of age should seek out this exam once every 2 years.

Pap smear

This is again something that women should seek, usually women 21+, but can be younger based on when sexual activity was started. Every 2-3 years a follow up appointment should be made.