Housing in Singapore

Past, Present, Future


Hema, Tammy, Jun Xiang, Solehan


Why is the place special to them?


The interviewers said that the special place will be always the neighbourhood as they are very touching and friendly as they help each other when they need help. they also like the shops and market court. the facilities around there are traditional.

Singapore's housing in the past

Tiong Bahru means 'new cemetery' which logically suggests the presence of an older graveyard. tiong bahru have developed a lot compared to the past. Tiong bahru residents enjoy being in tiong bahru as that place is a vey traditional place and it cherish a lot of special memories.
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Singapore's housing in the present

singapore have changed a lot compared to the past. the buildings haave changed, the environment have changed, most of the things have been changed. they have developed singapore in a clean and green environment.
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Singapore's housing in the future

in another 50 years things might change. the technology would have changed the buildings and the places around the area.