Knights' News

January 4-8, 2021

Happy New Year and Welcome Back

Once again, we are proud of the way our students and staff handled the temporary pivot to remote learning. As we round the corner to semester two, it's so important for our students to attend classes, engage in their learning, and ask for help when they need it.

Below you will find a culminating demonstration/exam schedule for the end of January.

As you have heard, the province of Ontario has re-opened schools in our community, while at the same time, maintaining the lockdown. Public Health has stated that lunch time for secondary students remains status quo. However, we strongly encourage our students to bring a lunch and remain in the school during lunch time. Students are reminded that, when out in the community, they must wear masks when they cannot physically distance, and behave responsibly.

Please see the letter from the Director of Education below.

Please also be reminded that we must continue to be diligent in following our established health and safety protocols in the school, and self-screening each morning at home.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Monday.

Teacher Feature

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Ms. Darling

Ms. Darling is the Program Leader of English and Arts. She teaches English to all levels of students, including Year 1 IB English. Here is a little about Ms. Darling in her own words:

Three fun facts about me:

1. I love to travel with my family, and we have been lucky enough to spend time in Paris, Scotland, and New Zealand over the years.

2. I am learning to skate ski, and it is quickly becoming my new favourite pastime (well, it's tied with reading).

3. I was born in St. Albert, AB and grew up there, and I am not related to any other Darlings in the Sudbury area. My family and I moved here in 2006, and I have been lucky enough to teach at the best school in the north since 2007.

What Makes a Successful Student?

For me, the most successful students are the ones who are not afraid to attempt challenging things, and who reflect on and learn from mistakes and missteps.

What do I love about my work?

What I love about my work is that I very often get to see learning and growth happen in real-time, right before my eyes. This often happens when I'm helping an individual student improve their draft of an essay. This is the most rewarding part of my work: seeing young writers grow in competence and confidence while sitting right beside me in the classroom (or via Google Meet).

What do I love about my life?

What I love about my life is that Sudbury is truly an amazing place to live (even though this is a well-kept secret from those who don't know much about Northern Ontario) — there are so many fun outdoor activities to pursue; there are so many beautiful, natural places to explore; and the community, especially the LEP community, is full of so many truly wonderful human beings.

Semester One Culminating Demonstrations / Exam Schedule

Please see below for the end of semester culminating demonstrations and exam schedule.

Co-Curricular Update

During the provincial community lockdown, competition, training and intramurals are on pause. Co-curricular clubs are also on pause.
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Remote Learning in ISP this Week

Here are some pics from Mrs. Puddefoot's morning meeting on Wednesday.

They worked on a Penguin Art Activity and celebrated Mrs. Boudreau's birthday with fireworks and a song.

Student Services: Making the Transition

This is the time when grade 8 students make course selections for high school, and when they make decisions about what high school to attend. Student services will be reaching out to our feeder schools to discuss program options and course selections.

For our current students, course selections will occur in February. If students would like to discuss timetable changes for next semester, they are encouraged to reach out to their guidance counsellor as soon as possible.

For our graduating students, a reminder that applications to university are due on January 15th and for college on February 1st.