Opportunity for improved Health

How to use essential oils to improve your Health


Hello my name is Andie Daniels

I have partnered with DoTerra as an essential oil educator to help show people how essential oils can be used to empower and improve your health and wellness. With just a few drops of oil you can clean your kitchen, calm the baby, or even breath better. Let me show you how

The Opportunity!

Are you interested in getting free oils? Are you interested in getting your oils paid for? How about earning some extra money?

Doterra has changed lives of folks everywhere. You can choose your opportunity. There are 3 opportunities

1. Using the products only and being happy with helping your family stay healthy, You can do this with a month Loyalty Rewards program and while doing this you can earn free product!

2.Sharing the products, letting friends and family know about the products, This can be by hosting a class, and/or giving out samples. You can earn points with our share program and free product with my host a class program

3. Partnering with DoTerra! You can do this by joining and earning! Learning to help others with Essential Oils and building a business and a better life!

If that sounds like something you would like to learn more about please lets sit down and talk

Contact information

If you would like more information about Doterra come to one of my classes. If you would like samples and more information on how to use the oils you can contact me through email, text or phone