Tech Cycle in UMP, Malaysia

The summary of first batch EPs in running Tech Cycle!

The EPs!

In this project, one exchange participants (EPs) from each country is recruited. In this batch, the EPs are Sherouk Boudi from Egypt, Karl Azzopardi from Malta, Linh Ha from Vietnam, and Beatriz Menezes from Brazil. After training in SOLS Tech, KL and joining LLDS, they started their work in Tech Cycle. They also travel around Malaysia and they even went to Thailand!

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~ Recycle trash or trash your Earth -- the choice is yours ~

High School Workshop

This is the first time we approached the students in Gambang and Kuantan area. The EPs went to 3 schools, which is Methodist Girl School, SMK Semambu and SMK Seri Mahkota.
During the two hours workshop, they introduced and explained about Tech Cycle, AIESEC and SOLS Tech, and discussed about the ways to reduce e-waste as well as its bad effects. They also asked questions and encouraged the students to share their thoughts during group activities. At last, they played some games and danced with the song "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" with the students.
At first, some of the students feel shy and getting social akward, but they become active after that. They feel so satisfy to learn new information and knowledge and to have so much fun! They took a lot of selfies with the EPs. On the second day of workshop, a kind teacher even give us the small gift as token of appreciation! She also hope that we can organize similar workshop in the near future. We felt so welcomed by the students and the teachers.


After opening plenary starting with opening speech by Project Director, Atirah Sezali, and explanation of theme "Wall-E" by Diana Ng, we moved to the section "Let’s Fly Around The World". Each EP talked about their countries and cultures, and related it with the e-waste management in their respective countries. Then, they introduced about the project Tech Cycle, Tech4All and showed the students photos of past events.
Then, we moved to a more fun session called "King of Actors and Queen of Actress". A short "Wall-E" video was shown and the participants required to re-enact the scenes and make their own endings. They also required to prepare an e-waste sculptures from recycled materials and incorporate into their short movie.
The half-day event had come to an end. During closing plenary, our Local Committee President, Kevin made a short recap of the day and gave the prize to the winners of the previous session. We also asked for feedback and sharing from the students. Last but not least, group photo was also taken!

Campaign in Gambang and Pekan

This was a one-week campaign focused on raising awareness to the lecturers and students as well as collecting unwanted e-waste. In Gambang, we set up booth in Block W and KK3 cafeteria. While in Pekan, we were in KK5 and KKS cafe.
The EPs did lecturer bashing in class or in cafeteria, and also one-to-one promotion. Besides, booth promotion is also done. Challenge games and "Tech Cycle Fame" photo contest was used to attract the people.
We received good response from lecturers and students, they seemed to be interested by asking a lot of questions. We achieved 10 lecturer bashing, 35 lecturer and 15 students approaching in cafe, and a total of 61 participants for the photo contest (both categories). The winner are Hor Sit Teng and Chan Yi Qi.

NGO visiting

The EPs went to Rapha Childrens Home and planeed to give basic IT education.
However, due to the young age of the children, a more interacting session was carried out instead of IT education.

Their travel experience in Malaysia!

Besides working, they also travel to Cameron Highlands, Penang, Putrajaya, Ipoh and even Thailand!

AIESEC Universiti Malaysia Pahang, GCDP, Tech Cycle Project

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization active in over 2,400 universities, with 86,000 members across more than 124 countries. Under Global Community Development Programme (GCDP), it is aimed to provide cross cultural learning experience and personal development opportunities for university students, while enabling them to create an impact on Malaysian community by participating in cultural interaction and social visits in AIESEC committees in universities.

We are helping the poor by using technology, such as recycling, environmental awareness, energy conversation and education. Exchange participants (EPs) will work with us to give a strong impact to the society by exchanging information on e-waste management from their countries and also spread the awareness to the community in UMP and East Coast region of Malaysia.