10 Most Important Ergonomics Facts

Always apply these 10 facts to your workspace!

First of all: Maintain good posture!

Posture is key; it affects your attitude towards things and even your behavior. Always sit straight, wrists not touching your keyboard or your desk, feet flat on the floor, and sit arms length away from the computer.
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#2 - Use a fully padded adjustable office chair

Not all office chairs are "ergonomically correct". Be sure to purchase a good quality chair that is padded, has adjustable height, legs with wheels and arm rests. It will support your whole back but most importantly your lower back.
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#3 - Always make sure that your monitor is adjusted at eye level

If the monitor is adjusted too high or too low, it will strain your eyes and your neck.
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#4 - Use a stable work desk and keyboard tray

This is very important because not doing so will lead to short term and long term arm/hand/wrist problems. Plus, who even likes unstable desks?!
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#5 - Foot Rest

Foot rests support your legs and make sure you are sitting with your feet flat and straight.
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#6 - Purchase an anti-glare computer monitor

This is also important because if you don’t use a glare screen it’ll often lead in discomfort and it’ll hurt your eyes.
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#7 - Take breaks every 30 minutes or so.

If you take at least breaks every 30 minutes it’ll stop the risk of long term injury and you won’t get as much as fatigue as you would usually get without stopping.
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#8 - Use a document holder!

This is important because if you just leave the documents on the desk of you’ll have to move your neck this will make your neck hurt. It is also for organization purposes.
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#9 - Make sure to have a spacious environment.

A spacious environment allows you to have easy access to all your work and materials. It also helps you organize and keep your work neat and tidy.

Lastly - Stop talking on the phone with the phone reciever jammed between your neck!

This is one of the worst neck strains of them all. DO NOT strain your neck like this just to talk on the phone. What you can do is stop what you're doing, and hold the phone in one hand and talk and when you are done, continue with your work.
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