Espanol y El Cerebro


Facts About Learning Another Language :

*Young Learners use the same part of the brain for learning both languages

*While older learners use a separate part of the brain for learning the second language

*L2 (a second language) should be learned before puberty

*By puberty, lateralization is completed

*If you learn a language before age 5, you are a native speaker of that language

*Statistics say it takes 2-3 years to learn a new language

*It will take 4-10 years to become proficient in the language

*to be proficient in a language means to be able to read, write, speak, and listen at an academic level

*A second language acquisition means you understand more than you can produce

Advantages Of Being A Young Learner :

*You are more likely to develop native sounding accent

*Less to Learn

*Receive comprehensible input

Advantages Of Being An Older Learner :

*Ability to use strategy to help aid learning

*Has knowledge from their first language to draw from

*Better control of input

Contributing Factors of Second Language Acquisition :

*Your age

*Your personality

*First language development

*Cognitive ability

*Motivation to learn

*Quality of how your being instructed

*Access to the language