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Bulimia-it's not all it is choked up to be.

By: Grandma ICE


A disorder in which some form of purging or clearing of the digestive tract follows cycles of overeating / an eating disorder characterized by episodes of extreme overeating followed by selfinduced vomiting


Bulimia nervosa affects 1-2% of adolscent and young adult women. Approximately 80% of bulimia nervosa patients are female. People struggling with bulimia nervosa usually appear to be of average body wieght.People with bulimia usually have a swollen jaw and cheeks. Bulimia is considered a genetic disoder according to 300 scientist.

Girls / Ladies any age

gender affected most


obsession with body image, strong drive for perfectionism, compulsiveness, and low-self of esteem


less bodly fluids and minerals, enamel erosion, cavities, persistent thoart irritation, and chronic hoarseness, mouth sources


psychological counseling and sometimes medicines such as antidepressants

Pictures of Bulimia

Bulimia - Dr Phil

Academy for eating disorder

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Alliance for eating disorders Awareness

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National Eating disorder Association