Open ERP Customisation

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Open ERP Customisation service

The Open ERP system offers vast adaptability in configuration to match your organizational needs most directly. These changes of configuration are done with the help of user interfaces. The Open ERP Customization is the work of matching the ERP with a view to matching the requirement of any organization. This suggests mapping out of the structure of the processes and the environment that match up with the organizational model embedded in the ERP software. In other words, Open ERP Customization helps mapping the actual world that emulates the individual ERP software.

The processes and structure of Open ERP Customization include:

• The formation of master data

• The forms input-output

• Validations, queries and reporting

• Formatting and authorization

• Backup and restoring procedures

• Data administration procedures

• Disaster recovery processes etc.

These are all representing almost complete range of Open ERP Customization. It, therefore, offered the procedure of making the chosen ERP software to match the requirements of any particular organization. No special technical knowledge is necessary to customize the software.