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Made by a life science pupil, Thomas Barrett

Slice of the Tropics

Everyone knows that Florida differs from all the other states. Florida is a slice of the tropics mounded on the United States full of wet marshes and sandy beaches. With ecosystems galore, one stands out boldly. The Florida Keys are home to Florida's tropical coral reefs. Their you will find the true meaning of the tropics. From mysterious eel caves to majectic fish communities, it's always an adventure in Florida's tropical coral reefs. Abiotic and Biotic structures come together and work as one in the Keys.

Lifeless but Full of Harmony

If you happen to come across the Florida Keys tropical coral reefs, you must understand that you have to appreciate the lifeless to fully appreciate the living . Abiotic structures in Florida's tropical coral reefs make the beautiful, tropical paradise a reality. Take water for example, a large body of magnificence that is taken for granite. Without water there would be no paradise, there would be no beauty. The many other abiotic structures will surprise you for how much they conduct Florida's tropical coral reefs.

Examples of Abiotic Structures and Their Niche

  • Water- The glue of this ecosystem, the soul of this ecosystem. Water provides life for all organisms in the ecosystem, without it the paradise would be nothing

  • Sand- Provides a home for borrowing aquatic creatures.

  • Under Water Rock Formations- Provide stability for sand and shelter for aquatic creatures.

  • Sunlight- The beginning of the food chain in Florida's Tropical Coral Reefs and also the controller of water level and temperature.

Life by the Tide

Life in the Tropical Coral Reefs of Florida is an abundance. From hundreds of aquatic plants to trillions of microorganisms, finding your first organism will be a piece of cake.


  • Seagrass (100 Species) Ex. Zostera Marina, Thalassia, and Enhalus
  • Seaweed


  • Corals (100 Species) Ex. Brain Coral, Staghorn Coral, and Star Coral
  • Fish (1,000 Species) Ex. Nurse Sharks, Clown Fish, and Rays.
  • Sea Turtles
  • Dolphins
  • Shrimp
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Coral Reef Food Web

The circle of life repeats in Florida's tropical coral reefs. The food web below can give you a slight idea of how the vast food chain takes place.
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Full Scientific Name of Nurse Shark (Apex Predator)


Kingdom- Animalia






Species- cirratum

Endangered Species

As well as thriving communities of sea life there species facing extinction. The best thing we can do for these majectic species is to leave them alone and educate people about them.

Believe or not corals are the main species that are endangered in Florida's tropical coral reefs. The two main species of coral that are critically endangered are Elkhorn coral and Staghorn coral. It is important to preserve these species because they have a major niche in their ecosystem.

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