Internet Safety and Cyber Bullying

Project for Mr. Brownell

Cyber Bullying

Cyberbullying is willful and repeated harm (i.e., harassing, humiliating, or threatening text or images) inflicted through the Internet, interactive technologies, or mobile phones.

Cyberbullying tactics

Gossip: Posting or sending cruel gossip to damage a person’s reputation and relationships with friends, family, and acquaintances

Exclusion: Deliberately excluding someone from an online group

Impersonation: Breaking into someone’s e-mail or other online account and sending messages that will cause embarrassment or damage to the person’s reputation and affect his or her relationship with others

Harassment: Repeatedly posting or sending offensive, rude, and insulting messages

Cyberstalking: Posting or sending unwanted or intimidating messages, which may include threats

Flaming: Online fights where scornful and offensive messages are posted on websites, forums, or blogs

Outing and Trickery: Tricking someone into revealing secrets or embarrassing information, which is then shared online

Cyberthreats: Remarks on the Internet threatening or implying violent behavior, displaying suicidal tendencies

Your Project

In small groups (of 3 or 4) you are going to create an anti-cyberbullying website or online poster using Glogster, Smore, Weebly, or any other appropriate resource. The goal of this website should be to inform your peers about cyber bullying and how to prevent it. Your website should be pleasant to look at as well as informative. You can create your own videos for the assignment if you would like but you shouldn't use someone else's video. The assignment will be graded on the information presented, the creativity, and the appearance of your website or poster.

Video Resources

Cyberbullying 101
Wired Safety's Cyberbullying Video part 1 and 2
PSA - No Bullying

Other Resources