About me project

Courtney crouse

About me

*3 of my favorite belongings are: my phone, my human, and my guitar

*My favorite smell is old spice because my dad wore it when he was alive

*"the only people I owe my loyalty to are those who never made me question theirs" I like this quote because it's very true and makes me feel strong

*dont stab anyone

*breakfast: eggs and sausage and scrapple lunch: chicken and egg salad sandwich dinner: baked chicken and rice with peas

* Johnny drop, Jennifer Anniston, anything by falling in reverse, falling in reverse, the rock, I am number four, chicken, art, mrs. Clueky??, Kayla Milson, chopped, 1969 stingray, swimming and sleeping, cuddling, suicide room


*get your shit together

*goddamn, pray, sad song, fuck the rest, fair weather fans.

Life goals

5 goals:

* don't die

*dont kill anyone

*get money

*have a stable family

*dont divorce husband (no prenup)