Wildcat Word

September 18, 2020

What a week! We have had a historic week at Bridger and our community has risen to the challenge. A big thank you to everyone for supporting each other and giving grace to each other as we figure this new way of school during a pandemic and wildfires. Each day we continue to get better!


Google Meet and Zoom Reminders

Do you try to enter your Google Meet or Zoom and can't? Don't worry.

Just a reminder that if the teacher has not logged in yet or it's not time for the session to start, it won't let you enter.

Wait a minute and try again and your teacher will be happy to see you!

Also, please remember to only show up to your scheduled small group time. Please do not have your student sign on to additional small groups that they are not scheduled for. The purpose of small groups is to ensure that all students are able to interact with their teacher and peers for instruction. It is important that the groups stay small for this to be effective.

We are so excited to see so many family members joining the LIVE lessons with their student. Please remember that your role is to support your student, as the teacher leads the class. We know that is tempting to jump in, but if you need to connect with the teacher please visit their office hours or send them a message via Remind or email. We appreciate all that you're doing to work with teachers and to help your student.


It’s Fire Safety Week

Usually this time of year we would begin our fire drills with student and reviewing some aspects of fire safety.

Now, teachers will continue with mini-lessons with students once a month around fire safety. This month, we’d like to encourage families to talk about what your family plan if your smoke detectors go off or if you smell smoke. Here is a link to some resources you can review with your family.

Fire Escape Plan – English

Fire Escape Plan – Spanish

I Spot Something Hot – English and Spanish

Counselor Corner

Hello families,

We know this is a stressful time for children and families. We hope you are staying safe and healthy during this pandemic and the wildfires. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to LeAnne (K-4 Counselor) or Ruth (5-8 counselor) if your student is experiencing stress around these uncertain times.

LeAnne Forsberg - lforsberg@pps.net

Ruth Howard - rhoward@pps.net

Below are some parent tips for helping your children cope with fear around wildfires:

  • Keep a predictable routine that’s as similar to your regular routine as possible

  • Reduce exposure to the media

  • Keep open communication - answer your child’s questions honestly, but briefly

  • Recognize they might be scared and welcome their feelings

  • Reassure them that “we will stay safe.”

  • Talk about helpers - we all depend on other people’s kindness - nobody is alone

  • Stay calm and think ahead

  • Let kids help -look for ways to give them a helping role

  • Remind children that this situation will not last forever - we will move through this

  • Make this a teaching moment about how it’s important to be prepared for an emergency and have agencies in place to help

If you’d like to read more about these tips, along with others, below are some resources:



FEMA Ready for kids - https://www.ready.gov/kids/be-ready-kids


Multnomah County Library is open for pick ups! To schedule a pick up, go to the library’s website, log in and put a book on hold. Choose the branch most convenient for pick up. When your books are ready, you will get an email to set up a pick up plan including when and where. You can navigate the website in Spanish, Vietnamese, Mandarin and Russian. Please contact me, Michelle Schardt, at mschardt@pps.net if I can help. I am the language arts specialist for both neighborhood and Spanish immersion, KG-8th grades.

Watch my video in English and Spanish here to see how!


A new resource for all PPS families this fall is DreamBox. Dreambox has a Family Resource page that I wanted to share with you. It shows you how to set up a parent account and gives helpful tips for supporting your child at home. The Tips to Helping Your Child page has two excellent short videos to help you think about how to best offer math support at home.
PPS Family Resources

Please visit the district Family Resource page.

Starting Monday September 21st, Office Staff will have a Google Meet open for primary families to drop in and ask questions. It will be open from 8:30am -9:30am. Google Meet Code: WelcomeK5


Hi Bridger!

The Latino Network Bridger SUN Community School has received a small amount of money to help support families who are experiencing financial challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please apply here (https://forms.gle/j6incXYKqhidy3uH6) if you are interested in this support.

Please contact Bridger SUN directly with any questions: melany@latnet.org or 503-502-1485.

Thank you!

My office hours are, Monday - Thursday, 9am - 5pm.

Melany Desrochers, MS


Bridger SUN Community School Site Manager

7910 SE Market Street
Portland, OR 97215
503-502-1485 / direct


http://www.latnet.org/ | Protect your community

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A Word from our School Nurse

Hi from Nurse Jenny! Hope you are all staying safe and healthy! This year we are able to provide an online student health condition portal for parents to complete forms for their students. https://www.multnomahesd.org/shs-boy-919413.html You can email completed forms and any questions directly to me at jhoesly@mesd.k12.or.us

The following is a great link with lots of information on air quality and wildfire effects. The section for Reducing Health Effects of Wildfire Smoke is especially important with our current air quality index of hazardous to very unhealthy. https://www.oregon.gov/oha/ph/Preparedness/Prepare/Pages/PrepareForWildfire.aspx

Distance Learning Tips & Tricks

Hello Bridger Community,

We all know that Distance Learning is something that we are exploring as a community. Teachers, parents, and students are all in this together, learning how to navigate and use new technology, websites, and apps. During this time, we want you to know that any Bridger teacher is always willing to help, find answers, or troubleshoot anything you may need.

In the meantime, if you have a moment, please read the following article: https://www.commonsense.org/education/articles/parent-tips-and-tricks-for-distance-learning

This article is a bullet-pointed list of things you can do at home to set up a successful distance learning space for your child. The advice is simple like setting up a distance learning space, reviewing expectations, and utilizing movement during the school day to promote quality and effective learning.

Please keep in mind that, during these unprecedented times, that what you are able to do is enough and, as a community, we will get through these tought times together.

Have a fantastic rest of your week.

Student Council

We are currently organizing our student council elections. They will be held in early October. It will look different this year as we are going to modify the application process as well as positions.

Our students leaders have some great ideas for service projects and for fun activities for Bridger students to participate in this year. More details coming soon!

NEW MUSIC Opportunities for K-5!!

CHOIR: Starts Monday the 21st

K-2 choir M 2:45-3:15 code bridgermusic

3-5 choir Th 2:45-3:15 code bridgermusic

No audition necessary!

If you want to make music but you would rather play ukulele or guitar, Mr. A is looking at his schedule for times to offer those as clubs as well. If you already own a ukulele and are interested in uke club, or if you already own a guitar and are interested in guitar club, e-mail him at pajjarapu@pps.net with the subject ¨UKE CLUB¨ or ¨GUITAR CLUB¨, and we will work on the same songs as the choir, but on those instruments!

What songs are we going to learn? Well, we can entertain some requests, but I would like to do ¨Count On Me¨ by Bruno Mars, ¨De Colores¨, ¨The Rainbow Connection¨, ¨Remember Me¨ from Coco, and the Prince Royce version of ¨Stand By Me¨

I hope to see you there!

Mr. A. (the music teacher)

Technology Assistance

Centralized Call Center available for families to support all technology needs.

Web: pps.net/student

Email: support@pps.net

Call: 503-916-3375

English: 503-916-3375

Español: 503-916-3582


Tiếng Việt: 503-916-3584

Soomaali: 503-916-3586

Русский: 503-916-3583

Wifi Hot Spots

If your family is in need of a wifi hotspot, please contact our secretary Susy Hernandez at shernandez@pps.net to set one up.

Important Dates

September 14th-November 5th First Quarter of School (comprehensive distance learning)

By October 10th District to decide what second quarter of school will look like (in school building, hybrid or online)

September 24th, 12-4:30pm Student Supply Pick UP

September 29th, 5:30-6:30pm MAP Parent Q & A, Link to Meet: https://meet.google.com/vqh-gzct-kak

October 1st Virtual Back to School Night, 5:30-7:30

Student Health Center

This fall, while schools are engaged in Comprehensive Distance Learning, PPS Roosevelt Student Health Center will be open starting Monday, September 14th for phone, video and in-person visits. Monday-Thursday 8:45 am-4:45 pm and Friday for phone and video appointments only. Call 503-988-3909 to make an appointment.

Any Multnomah County K-12 youth can visit the center and there are no out of pocket costs. We also can connect students and their families with community resources for food or help with medical insurance.

Student Health Centers at David Douglas & Parkrose high schools are also open. For more information visit https://multco.us/health/student-health-centers. Stay connected via Facebook and Instagram.

Link to fliers in multiple languages: English Spanish Chinese Russian Somali Vietnamese

Family Orientation Videos

Below are the links to video recordings of the Family Orientation Presentations:

Apply for Free & Reduced Lunch Meals!

Free & Reduced Meal Applications can also open a doorway for other resources for both your family and school, so please feel free to submit an application even if you are not regularly using the PPS Meal service!


Thank you for the wonderful turn out at Wednesday’s PTA gathering!

Here are the slides from our meeting if you missed it or wanted to look at the Black Lives Matter or Digital Citizenship resources we shared.

  • Kinder parents, please join us TONIGHT (9/18) to celebrate your surviving the first week of Kindergarten! We’ll swap stories and meet one another (meant for parents, not students). 6:30-7:30pm on zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86078486491

Black Lives Matter books to look at with your child

Share your contact information with us so we can connect you to other families and support your local/online business: English Spanish Vietnamese (we will have paper copies available in other languages at Friday pick ups!)

Read the welcome letter from new PTA co-presidents Libby Glynn and Maestra Julia Collins: English Spanish Vietnamese Arabic Somali Chinese Swahili Nepali Lao

Activate Your ParentVue Account Today!

ParentVUE is a secure website and mobile app which offers parents, guardians real time access to:

  • School Messages
  • Calendar
  • Attendance
  • Grades
  • Class Schedule
  • Course History
  • Grade Book
  • School Information

Additionally, parent/guardians can complete their yearly verification of student data through ParentVUE

To sign up for ParentVUE, you'll first need an Activation Letter from your school. If you have not already received a copy of your activation letter or having trouble activating your account, please contact your school.

Update your student’s information online!

Benefits of verifying online via ParentVUE

• Complete yearly verification of your student’s information

• You can update your communication and language preferences

• Ensures your school has the most up to date information

• Saves paper and time

Each year parents and/or guardians are asked to review and update the information on file for their children (students). This information can be reviewed, edited and submitted online via PPS ParentVUE.

Get started by going to: parentvue.pps.net

Community News

Southeast Guiding Coaltion Information

The Southeast Guiding Coalition Is Charged with: Providing recommendations, through a multi-phased planning process, to improve enrollment and program balancing for schools in the southeast region of the Portland Public Schools district.

Phase 1 work will occur through Fall 2020. A subset of Guiding Coalition members will recommend an attendance area for Kellogg Middle School, which will open in fall of 2021, and Harrison Park Middle School, which will convert from a K-8 school in 2022. In early Spring 2021 the full Guiding Coalition will reconvene for Phase 2 to develop recommendations for PK-5 level changes.

The Coalition will identify, refine, and propose revisions to attendance area boundaries, school grade configurations, and focus program locations. The Coalition will strive to support racial equity, social justice, balanced enrollment, and optimized facilities for the 2021-22 school year and beyond. To inform their work the Coalition is expected to become familiar with data about current enrollment, forecasted enrollment, facility utilization, and student demographics. In Fall 2020, the Coalition will receive feedback on their proposals via two virtual public open houses. The Phase 1 Coalition will provide a recommendation to the Deputy Superintendent on, or before, the last committee meeting on December 17th, 2020. The Deputy Superintendent will be responsible for evaluating the Coalition’s recommendations, keeping the Superintendent apprised of the Coalition’s work and progress, and developing a proposal to bring forward to the Portland Public School Board of Directors in January 2021.

The first three meetings will include the full Southeast Guiding Coalition. These meetings provide foundational information in anticipation of Phase 2 work resuming in Spring 2021 to make further recommendations for enrollment and program balancing in the southeast of the district.

Schools represented in both Phase 1 (Fall 2020) and Phase 2 (Spring 2021): Arleta K-8, Atkinson ES, Bridger K-8, Cleveland HS, Creative Science K-8, Creston K-8, Franklin HS, Harrison Park K-8, Hosford MS, Lane MS, Lent K-8, Madison HS, Marysville K-8, Mt. Tabor MS, and Vestal ES.

Schools represented at the Fall 2020 orientation and Phase 2 (Spring 2021): Abernethy ES, Kelly ES, Lewis ES, Whitman ES, Woodmere ES, and Woodstock ES.

Guiding Principles

Core values serve as guiding principles for the SE Guiding Coalition throughout the enrollment and program balancing process. These are developed from Board Resolution No. 6059, the PPS Vision, and from insights gained from student enrollment and facility utilization assessment. Guiding principles are not prioritized and are all important to promote. When considering enrollment and program balancing the Coalition will stand for the following core values:

• Students at the center

• Racial equity and social justice

• Excellence

• Respect

• Relationships

• Creativity and innovation

• Partnerships and collaboration

• Grounding in the spirit of Portland

• Joyful learning and leadership

Outcome Goals

How will the Coalition know it has succeeded in applying the guiding principles toward a quality recommendation? A set of clear outcome goals and tactics are needed to gage the Coalition’s success. These outcome goals come directly from Board Resolution No. 6059 and tactics have been developed in collaboration between district staff and FLO Analytics.

Outcome Goal: Optimize the use of facilities to enhance PK-12 learning environments for all students. PPS wants to be a good steward of public assets and phase out portable classrooms when possible to create connected, safer schools. Tactic: Use current and forecasted enrollment in conjunction with building and program capacities to avoid under- and over-utilization of schools and promote long-term balance. Tactic: Use boundary adjustments to address utilization challenges where warranted.

Outcome Goal: Support equitable programming to improve the student experience across all grade levels, and particularly in middle grades. This process will support continued educational program redesign at the middle grade levels, to include reconfiguration of identified K-8 neighborhood schools to K-5 elementary schools and creating new comprehensive middle schools while maintaining some regional K-8 school options to support pathway continuity (e.g., Dual Language Immersion). Tactic: Establish attendance areas for Kellogg and Harrison Park Middle Schools. Tactic: Use conversion of K-8 schools to establish new elementary schools and/or middle schools. Tactic: Use program placement to maintain feeder pathways for focus programs from elementary to high school.

Outcome Goal: Minimize program co-locations to reduce isolation and program inequities by creating fewer shared facilities and co-located programs at K-5, K-8, and 6-8 schools. Tactic: Use program placement to unify focus programs with similar learning experiences.