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A glimpse into your child's past week! December 4

Ho! Ho! Ho!

This week I've become a jolly Santa with a bit of a Grinch side. Kids will be kids... but we still have to make sure learning is taking place and that all kids are SAFE at school. I have seen DRASTIC improvements with behavior. We have begun a daily Morning Meeting and this has been a positive change for our classroom.

Holiday Party

We have a Holiday Party planned for Monday, December 21st at 2:15. Thank you to Mrs. Nogueras and Mrs. Bader for coordinating the events once again!

If you plan on attending/helping at the party please let me know so that we know what help we can count on that day. Our classroom is small, so we need everyone attending to be hands-on.


Students took their LIGHT Test in the Computer Lab on Friday. Their scores are in the gradebook. Listening has been a struggle, and some of their scores reflect that. We ended the week with some fun experiments to further explore what we've learned about Light!

From there, in the new year, we will begin learning about SOUND energy. There are a lot of fun hands-on opportunities I have planned with that unit!


In Social Studies we've learned about the Early Americans. We've learned specifically about the Three Fires - Ojibwa, Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes. We will have a Native American presenter bringing all sorts of awesome primary and secondary sources to share with us on the Wednesday we come back from break. This presenter is made possible through the money raised from the Walk-a-Thon, so THANK YOU!


In Math we are in the midst of Topic 6. Students have been practicing ALL multiplication facts, 0-10 at this point. They should be practicing these at home as well. Students are able to login to their Google Classroom site and practice any of the MANY links we've learned from in class. These links are videos and games and are available at the site 24/7. The kids like them, so to ask them to practice during break wouldn't be any punishment!!

We are also in the midst of Multiplication Sundae quick quizzes. This means that students have been taking an (almost) daily quick quiz on the fact that they are working to master. Once they pass the quick quiz (40 problems, all correct in 3 minutes), they earn a portion of their sundae. Our actual Sundae Party will take place in February, but it's important to get working on memorizing the facts NOW!!! We will be moving on to division and then fractions in Math, but multiplication facts need to still be worked on!

Also, students brought home a Winter Break Multiplication Packet in their Friday Folder today. This should be returned the day we come back from break!!! A surprise treat is included with the return of this packet, ON TIME!!!

The link below is great for choosing and practicing the facts your child is currently struggling with. There are also PLENTY of great practice links within your child's Google Classroom account.


I used some of our Reading Group time, to go over student's progress towards their current AR goals. Many students received a wake-up call to get themselves busy and focused!

In addition to the Library books they check out each week, your child should have taken AR quizzes on the following books that I've read to them so far:

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In Writing, students have created their Story Map for their Realistic Fiction idea and have written a really rough draft. After Winter Break, there will be a day that they will bring home their writing to share what they have so far. Stay tuned :).


Link to our Class Schedule

Tuesdays - Library 2:00 - 2:45

Fridays - Computer Lab 9:30 - 10:30

Mon/Wed = Gym, Tues/Thurs = Music, Fri = Movement


Monday, December 21 @ 2:15 in Room 113


Tuesday, December 22 @ 9:15 in the Reid Gym



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CJ made a huge impact by helping his Aunt and Great Grandma!