SHISD Mid-Week Message

Promoting great things going on in a great school district!

The Journey to Greatness begins with Small Steps

We have all heard the phrase, "Grow where you are planted." I have heard those words used in sermons and speeches for years. The phrase was brought up again this Sunday in church and it struck home as my family and I start this new journey with you in Spring Hill.

Last week my two children were "planted" in Spring Hill schools and I could not be more pleased with the way they were welcomed into the Panther family. Both children have been greeted with excellent customer service, helpful staff, and have made friends quickly and I thank you all for that. A culture of caring and family atmosphere does not happen by accident.

As I have had a chance to talk to some administrators and coaches over the past week, one theme that keeps coming up and it is that they love Spring Hill ISD and want it to be an exemplary school district, not just from a perspective of test scores and student achievement, but from a work environment and educational opportunity for children. I feel that turning Spring Hill ISD into the best school district in the state of Texas is closer than your think and there are great things planned for this district if we are all willing to grow.

The journey to greatness will start by taking small steps. There is something powerful about the momentum when a group of educators all begin to take small steps in the same direction. The author Franklin states, "Many times what is said to be impossible is simply the untried." In education, its usually untried because we get so busy just trying to to keep up with what we have to do, that there is little time for what we want to do.

Over the next few weeks, I will ask you to slow down and take some time to reflect on what being the best school district would look like and what your role would be in growing into that possibility.

Once we start those small steps and work together toward the vision of what Spring Hill ISD can be, the possibilities are endless. The bottom line is that each of you matters and your contribution to Spring Hill not only matters, but is crucial to the growth of your students and the overall success of the district. I look forward to walking and growing with you as we start the journey.


Blue Brigade Continues to Pile up Awards

I received some fantastic news this week from Mr. Kiser. Spring Hill High School has several students that made All-State!!!! Here is the report from the man himself:

Mr. Snell,

I am happy to report that we have 7 all state band members in the Spring Hill Band. This is a major accomplishment for these students and a great accolade for our program and school. I have listed the students below in case you wanted to include them with your Superintendent report.

  • Samantha Morris 12th Clarinet (3 year all state member)
  • Hayden Domino 12th French Horn
  • Brendyn Massey 10th Trombone
  • Brandon Dunaway 12th Percussion (2 year all state member)
  • Daniel Vadasz 12th Percussion
  • Kody Jernigan 12th Trumpet
  • Tyler Parr 12th Tuba

These student will attend the ATSSB All State Clinic and Concert, held in conjunction with TMEA in February.

This is unbelievably great news and I know they will represent Spring Hill well!

Speaking of the Blue Brigade....

Some of the students in the band created a great video capturing the journey from August to the State Marching Contest in November. You can watch that YouTube video here:
"Tradition" UIL Film Documentary 2014

Other Positive News from around Panther Nation

Kudos to Barbara Shurbet and the business office. They received a school FIRST rating of SUPERIOR for the 1st time since 2010. The business office also received a clean audit to end the fiscal year and the "management letter" that accompanies the audit showed a reduction form 9 points of improvement down to only one. I would like to congratulate the business office on these two achievements.

Spring Hill Athletic Update * Scores from the Week

Lots of success this week!

Big Win for the Lady Panthers

Tuesday against Gladewater 52-49


Boys JH Basketball vs Gladewater

7th - SH 29, GW 23

8th - SH- SH 37, GW 21

Girls JH Basketball vs Gladewater

7th - SH 19, GW 10

8th - SH 23, GW 29

Lady Panther Basketball vs Chapel Hill

(V) Chapel Hill 49, SH 48

Girls Soccer

@ Pine Tree Tournament

vs Marshall, 2-2

vs. John Tyler, 0-2 loss

vs. Pine Tree, 0-4 loss

Spring Hill Junior Hill Dominates in Area Academic UIL Competition

Last weekend, the SHJH competed against area schools. Our students dominated the competition. Preliminary Results show out of 30 events, SHJH had (11) first place teams, (10) 2nd place and (3) 3rd place. Congratulations go out to Janna Graham and all of the UIL coaches.

Here are the team results:

Art 6th Grade- 2nd Place Team: Gracie Schmidt, Jocelyn Salaises, Jaisha Bashir

Art 7th Grade-2nd Place Team: Felicity Jacob, Hope Haney, Rylie Smith

Art 8th Grade-1st Team: Haidi Estrada, Carolina Diaz, Estella Roster

Calculator 6th Grade-1st Team: Taylor Hastings, Jacob Kimbrough, David McFatridge

Calculator 7th Grade- 3rd Team: Marissa Seyer, Brooke Coggins, Hannah Stark

Calculator 8th Grade- 3rd Team: Landon Kokenzie, Lexi Penn, Fatima Massare

Chess 6th Grade: 2nd Team: Carson Barnhill, Brody Barnhill, Colby Bowles

Chess 7th Grade: 1st Team: Ben Parodi, Dylan Barlow, Austin Massey

Chess 8th Grade: 3rd Team: Hannah Bienhoff, Blake Everett, Tre Brasher

Dictionary 6th Grade: 1st Team: Carson Barnhill, Brody Barnhill, Najah Jackson

Dictionary 7th Grade: 1st Team: Austin Green, Marissa Seyer, Emily Hornbeck

Dictionary 8th Grade: 1st Team: Allie Sloan, Kinsey Smith, Allie Robinett

Listening Skills 6th Grade: 1st Team: Nathan Taylor, Jacob Kimbrough, Daniela Ventura

Listening Skills 7th Grade: 3rd Team: Nicole Parodi, Felicity Jacob, Kaitryn Johnson

Listening Skills 8th Grade: 1st Team: Estella Roster, Fatima Massare, Kinsey Smith

Math 6th Grade: 1st Team: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brandon Krenek

Math 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Jonas Roberts, Matthew Nguyen, Haden Bray

Math 8th Grade: 2nd Team: Landon Kokenzie, Kavin Patel, Grace LeGrand

Number Sense 6th Grade: 2nd Team: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brody Barnhill

Number Sense 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Jonas Roberts, Haden Bray, Nick Vadasz

Number Sense 8th Grade: 1st Team: Grace LeGrand, Landon Kokenzie, Sawyer Smith

Music Memory 6th Grade: Taylor Brewer, Jocelyn Salaises, Jaisha Bashir

Science 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Helen Ruan, Nick Vadasz, Gabriel Adair

Science 8th Grade: 1st Team: Raygan Barnhill, Kaleb Saxon, Tyler Newman

Social Studies 6th Grade: Marshall Bodenheimer, Whitten Bowles, Brandon Krenek

Social Studies 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Craig Hunnicutt, Dylan Hutchison, Will Patterson

Social Studies 8th Grade: 1st Team: Micah Moore, Wyatt Simpson, Blake Everett

Spelling 6th Grade: 1st Team: Olivia Orren, Kelan McKay, Rachel Doss

Spelling 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Grace Iltis, Shaniyah Lewis, Shristi Khatry

Spelling 8th Grade: 1st Team: Harrison Pecot, Kaleb Saxon, Aaron Milam

Impromptu Speaking 6th Grade: Rachel Petree, Brandy Gonzalez, Caitlyn Herndon

Impromptu Speaking 7th Grade: Nick Vadasz, Zoe Goudarzi, Emily Schell

Impromptu Speaking 8th Grade: Macy Borens, Fatima Massare, Hannah Bienhoff

Modern Oratory 6th Grade: Olivia Orren, Taylor White, Samanatha Schott

Modern Oratory 7th Grade: Brooke Coggins, Matthew Nguyen, Kathryn Jordan

Modern Oratory 8th Grade: Tyler Newman, Rayhan Barnhill, Allie Robinett

Ready Writing 6th Grade: Valerie Ferrell, Irianna Powell, Hadley Childers

Ready Writing 7th Grade: Craig Hunnicutt, Hannah Yoder, Tori Hester

Ready Writing 8th Grade: Sarah Peluso, Taylor Hicks, Laney Driggers

Oral Reading Prose 6th Grade: Jacob Kimbrough

Oral Reading Prose 8th Grade: Kelsey Darby

Oral Reading Poetry 6th Grade: Kennedy Croom, Olivia Orren

Oral Reading Poetry 7th Grade: McKenzie Hill, Anna Adams, Felicity Jacob

Oral Reading Poetry 8th Grade: Kaitlyn Whitsett, Ashley Hernandez, Stephanie Pena

Editorial Writing 6th Grade: Brandy Gonzalez, Rachel Petree, Jaisha Bashir

Editorial Writing 7th Grade: Kalen Barlow, Zoe Goudarzi, Lexi Baker

Editorial Writing 8th Grade: Adriana Solis, Renee Petree, Brandt Varenell

Maps, Graphs, Charts 6th Grade: 3rd Team: Colton Goettle, Nathan Taylor, Gracie Schmidt

Maps, Graphs, Charts 7th Grade: 2nd Team: Kaden Rogers, Kaitryn Johnson, Brooke Coggins

Maps, Graphs, Charts 8th Grade: 1st Team: Raygan Barnhill, Kavin Patel, Lexi Penn

Here are the individual results:

6th Grade

Gracie Schmidt- 1st Art, 6th Maps/Graphs/Charts

Jaisha Bashir- 3rd Art

Taylor Hastings- 4th Calculator

Jacob Kimbrough- 1st Calculator, 2nd Listening, 4th Oral Reading- Prose

Carson Barnhill- 6th Chess, 2nd Dictionary

Brody Barnhill- 4th Chess, 3rd Dictionary

Najah Jackson- 4th Dictionary

Nathan Taylor- 1st Listening, 5th Maps/Graphs/Charts

Marshall Bodenheimer-1st Math, 1st Number Sense, 1st Social Studies

Whitten Bowles- 2nd Math, 2nd Number Sense

Olivia Orren- 1st Spelling, 1st Modern Oratory

Kelan McKay- 4th Spelling

Rachel Doss- 2nd Spelling

Rachel Petree- 4th Impromptu

Brandy Gonzalez- 2nd Impromptu, 6th Editorial Writing

Taylor White- 3rd Modern Oratory

Samantha Schott- 4th Modern Oratory

Valerie Ferrell- 6th Ready Writing

Irianna Powell- 5th Ready Writing

Colton Goettle- 7th Maps/Graphs/Charts

7th Grade

Hope Haney-3rd Art

Marissa Seyer-4th Calculator, 3rd Dictionary

Brooke Coggins- 1st Calculator, 1st Modern Oratory, 2nd Maps/Graphs/Charts

Austin Massey- 5th Chess

Austin Green- 6th Dictionary

Emily Hornbeck- 1st Dictionary

Nicole Parodi- 5th Listening

Jonas Roberts- 4th Math, 4th Number Sense

Matthew Nguyen- 5th Math, 2nd Modern Oratory

Nick Vadasz- 6th Science, 2nd Impromptu

Gabriel Adair- 3rd Science

Craig Hunnicutt- 3rd Social Studies

Dylan Hutchison- 5th Social Studies

Grace Iltis- 3rd Spelling

Zoe Goudarzi- 3rd Impromptu

Emily Schell- 1st Impromptu

Lexi Baker- 5th Editorial Writing

Kaden Rogers- 9th Maps/Graphs/Charts

Kaitryn Johnson- 2nd Maps/Graphs/Charts

8th Grade

Haidi Estrada- 6th Art

Carolina Diaz- 5th Art

Estella Roster- 3rd Art, 2nd Listening

Landon Kokenzie- 4th Calculator, 2nd Math, 2nd Number Sense

Lexi Penn- 5th Calculator, 8th Maps/Graphs/Charts

Fatima Massare- 5th Listening

Hannah Bienhoff- 5th Chess, 4th Impromptu

Allie Sloan- 1st Dictionary

Kinsey Smith- 6th Dictionary

Allie Robinett- 4th Dictionary

Kavin Patel- 5th Math, 4th Maps/Graphs/Charts

Sawyer Smith- 1st Number Sense

Micah Moore- 1st Social Studies

Wyatt Simpson- 6th Social Studies

Harrison Pecot- 4th Spelling

Kaleb Saxon- 1st Spelling

Aaron Milam- 2nd Spelling

Macy Borens- 3rd Impromptu

Raygan Barnhill- 1st Maps/Graphs/Charts