Pansophia Academy Weekly

The Week of January 28th


NWEA Reading 3-5 & MS

  • HS girls/boys bb: Home
  • Pizza Kit Pick up


· Design Team Mtg: EV @ 3:45


· NWEA Math 3-5 & MS


· 8:00a.m.-ISD Testing

· 8:30a.m.-YE trip

· NWEA make-up

· 2:15 p.m. IEP mtg.

· 3:15 p.m. MTSS grades 2-3

· 3:30 p.m. PTCO

· 4:00 p.m. St. Charles Gym usage


· 8:00 a.m.- IEP

· 9:30 a.m.- BISD Superintendent mtg.

· 2:00 p.m. K-5 Essential Practices PD

· 6:00 p.m. BB girls/boys: H

Office Reminders

· The office is a place of business. There is a great deal of activity in the office which is acceptable. Please do not add unneeded activity

o Casual Conversation

o Prep/break time gathering in the office to chit chat about personal matters.

o Gossip

· Attendance sheets are due in the office, weekly. Please hand in by Friday.

· Secondary: Take attendance every hour within the first 15 min. of class.

· All requests for orders must be put on a requisition and approved by administration.

To Do List!


Teachers, select one area of the Marzano (DQ1-DQ4) tool that you have worked on this year and be able to present data showing the growth.

Blank Evaluation Tool

I will also be using the ELEOT tool to give immediate feedback regarding the learning environment of your classroom.


Please be able to show data regarding your ELA and Math groups.

Staff Resources

PBISWorld.com is a comprehensive and easy to use tier 1 through tier 3 PBIS (positive interventions and supports) tool and resource that includes data tracking

Big picture



Read by Grade 3 Law

Facts for Families: What is the Read by Grade Three Law?

Read by Grade Three Guide


Michigan KRA Assesssment



New! Computer Science Standards


Members of the Computer Science Standards Development Team presented the proposed Michigan K-12 Computer Science Standards to the State Board of Education. .

PA Committee Members:

Cohen Sangster, Charity Willoughby, Haley Houtz, Tina Maurer, Kari Hawes, Jamie Mueller

Thank you to the above members for being in the right place at the right time! We will begin unpacking the standards and determining where the standards are currently being taught and areas that are not being taught and need to be added. As we need help with this mission, we will have all staff ERF sessions.

Construction Update

We have been working hard!

  • Design team met with Byce to go over interior design. We spoke about using words as artwork, flooring, wall colors, floor images and use of materials. EXCITING!
  • We are currently on budget, but this is very early.
  • We currently have decided upon creating a teacher's lounge in the back part of the current Science lab. In turn, this will create a smaller classroom with a separate entrance. The current office is to be remodeled to provide 3 offices along the Upper Elementary hallway. This would also leave an open meeting space where VL currently sits.

Next Meeting is scheduled for January 29th