Banneker Principal Weekly Update

February 16 - February 19

Principal's Welcome Message and P2 Theme

Greetings Banneker Families,

This is your principal, Robert L. Carter with the Banneker Principal Weekly Update. I hope you all had a great extended weekend and I hope you are ready for the hybrid return. This is the first week in months that I get to see your child and I am so excited. Are they ready? Last week I held a principals coffee where I discussed how you and your family could get ready for the return. Then I boiled it down to 10 minutes and recorded a loom video which was sent to you on Friday around 5:00pm. If I had to boil it down into just a few bullet points it would be as follows: Know what day to come to school-bring your Chromebook; know when your bus arrives; take the symptom checker; have a plan for lunch; know when he bus drops your child off. And that's it. Last week’s Positivity Project theme was Love. We talked about the value of close relationships and being close with people and it was perfect for Valentine's day. This week's Positivity Project theme is Humility. Humility means you do not seek the spotlight. You let your actions speak for themselves. Humble people have an accurate (not underestimated) sense of their abilities and achievements. These are the "actions speak louder than words kind of people. Make sure to read on to see a new section titled “The Best of Banneker.” This week we are highlighting Mr. Duggan, our music teacher, and Mrs. Beach, our Art teacher. Let's have a great week together.

Robert L. Carter, Principal

Specials A-Week

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Positivity Project Resources for Families

Please enjoy taking a look at the family resources from P2. What a great resource. Enjoy.

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Dinner / Supper Opt-In

If you are interested in having your child take home a dinner during their hybrid day, please complete this form


If you know of anyone who has stencil materials to make some great designs on our blacktop for recess, please let me know. We want to keep our recess as engaging as possible while no students are allowed to use the jungle gym equipment.

The Best of Banneker- Spencer Duggan

My name is Spencer Duggan and this is my 9th year as music specialist at BAN. I grew up in Chantilly, went to Shenandoah for undergrad. I went into education as inspired by my music teachers in high school. My wife and I live in Leesburg in our first home. I enjoy Musicing in any way. While in undergrad, my choir went on two European tours to Italy and France respectively and this includes my most moving performance: singing the spiritual "My Lord, What A Morning" in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial and the bell tower began to ring at the climax of the music. I love the sense of community at BAN that falls short at bigger schools. I honestly hope that students remember the musical explorations and curiosities from my class so that they may continue on their own musical adventure after leaving.

The Best of Banneker- Marlena Beach

My name is Marlena Beach, I have worked at Banneker for 6 years as the Art. I went to Loudoun Valley High and Shepheard University. I live in Waterford with my family. We have 2 children Aiden is a 9th grader and Siena is in the 8th grade. We also have 2 dogs, a horse, 3 cows and a cat. Siena plays travel soccer with Leesburg Football club and enjoys making things. Aiden plays basketball with WLBL and enjoys cooking dinner for our family. I love hiking, cooking, gardening, painting, wood-working, time with my family and coaching Siena's soccer team. I lived in South Beach, Miami and San Francisco before attending college. I was captain of Shepherd University's first women's soccer team. I love that Banneker is amongst the most western Loudoun schools. I love that the families of Banneker live in rural Loudoun like myself. Banneker is a smaller school and the Banneker community closer to the Banneker family than other schools : )

Upcoming Calendar Events

February 15- President's Day Student Holiday

February 16- Hybrid In-person Return (Tuesday & Thursday)

February 17- Hybrid In-person Return (Wednesday & Friday)