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A Word From our Director

It feels a bit odd to say “Happy Spring!” when it has been cold and rainy outside, and with the current COVID-19 challenge we are facing. Nonetheless, there is much to celebrate and look forward to this spring! As we move into this final season of our school year, we look forward to witnessing our scholars’ continued growth. We continue to be inspired by the milestones our scholars are reaching and the engaging learning activities they have been enjoying.

In this version of the Compass Chronicle, you will hear from our spectacular Scholar Success Coordinator, Lindsey Chalco-Paz, and one of our fabulous Educational Facilitators, Christy Saez. You will also read about the academic workshops that have taken place and get some exciting updates on high school offerings that will be available next year. In addition, you will meet one of our families that uses the personalized learning model to explore their interests. You will also get to see some of the impressive activities, specifically in the areas of social studies and science, that our scholars have been working on.


~Kristy Smith, Director of Options Learning

What's Been Happening in Options?

Options scholars have enjoyed a variety of academic workshops these past few months. Students in grades 3-12 completed a Writer’s Workshop on informative writing and are currently working through a workshop on opinion writing. Our AVID Coordinator, Jason Bee, has been sharing AVID skills and strategies in his weekly workshops with Options scholars. Educational Facilitators have hosted several sessions, including literary book clubs and discussion groups, STEM projects, math games and strategies, and bilingual read-alouds. If you are interested in viewing any of the workshops, you can find recordings here.

Options high school continues to expand! Recently our home study courses in biological field studies, environmental science, chemistry, geometry, algebra 2 with trig, integrated math 2, and United States history have been approved by the UC system for offerings in our A-G sequence of courses. What does this mean for your scholar? It means that s/he is able to take these courses completely at home without having to enroll in an online class. For these classes, specific projects will be required as work samples, but the daily work will be able to be flexible to work with a variety of approved curricula.

Our biological field studies course is specifically designed as a bridge for our scholars who are coming from a Waldorf background of doing science in the real world and gearing up for college admissions in a few short years! More information about this exciting course as well as our other A-G sequence will be rolling out to your EF on March 20, so be sure to ask about it in your April connections if this is of interest to you and your scholar.

Meet our Scholar Success Coordinator Lindsey Chalco-Paz!

Hello, Options Families! My name is Lindsey Chalco-Paz, and I am the Scholar Success Coordinator for the Options program at CCS. This is my fourth school year with Compass, and I love supporting our scholars and learning coaches. I have been in education for over 14 years as a classroom teacher, ESL teacher, campus reading specialist, and dyslexia interventionist.

I have been married for 12 years and have three children: Sofia (11), Lucas (8), and Mateo (4). I also am a teacher to my children! My role with Compass is to provide academic and social-emotional support to our scholars, learning coaches, and educational facilitators. I work closely with our Options tutors to develop engaging math and language arts tutoring lessons for scholars that need extra academic support, I help to create the academic support sessions with EFs to provide extra instruction to the scholar in core subject areas, and I plan support sessions for our learning coaches that address a variety relevant topics. I love working with Compass staff and families!

Options Scholars Adventures!

Brothers Arlin and Brevin!

Catch B.-D., Eleventh Grade, a Competitive Gymnast

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Luccia S., 6 Grade , in the Play Matilda

Scholar Stella M., 2 Grade, Visited Stonehenge as Part of Her Studies on European Culture

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Options Scholars Work Samples


Mrs. Hardy's History Class Four Corners Project


Fun Projects

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Meet the Buckroff Family!

Our family lives in Tehachapi and we like camping, fishing, hiking, and biking outside. We chose CCS because it is virtual and flexible, and allows the boys to ride roads and trails daily. We have four scholars with Compass, Matthew (14, 8 grade), Philip (12, 6 grade), Julianna (10, 5 Grade), and Abigail (7, 2 grade).

All four scholars have enjoyed learning about WWI through books, both fiction and nonfiction and documentaries. Philip especially likes learning about the different ships and planes and other weapons used. Abigail enjoys learning math. Julianna likes art. They all like the hands-on science kit so far from BioboxLabs.

We learn mainly through books and online curriculum. One of our scholars has some learning challenges, so the personalized learning model has allowed him to access online tutoring in math for extra practice and support. We practice life skills at home, learning to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, walking our chocolate lab Hank, and for PE we are learning about raising chickens from a neighbor.

Being with Compass has also afforded our boys the time to participate in races for the Tehachapi Composite MTB Team - a part of the SoCal High School Cycling League, which is a chapter of NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association).

The first race of the season was this last weekend in Lake Perris, CA. The course included sand, grass, road, and one middle school lap is approximately four miles with 190 feet of climbing. Matthew raced in Boys Level 2, 8 grade, against 48 other riders and placed 5 (his second season). Philip raced in Boys Level 1, 6 grade, against 46 other riders (his first season and first race). Each completed two laps for a total of eight miles!

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Staff Spotlight

Meet Christy Saez!

What is your job title at Compass?

I am an Educational Facilitator in the Options program.

How long have you worked for this organization?

I have been with Compass since November 18 of this school year.

Tell us your “why” for doing what you do here at Compass.

I enjoy helping scholars and families succeed. It is the main reason why I became an educator.

As an educator, is there a piece of advice you’d like to share with learning coaches or scholars?

Teamwork and an open line of communication with your EF are keys to success. Don't be afraid to ask for help!

Share one thing about you that very few people know.

I make a great Paella because my family used to own a Spanish Restaurant.

What do you and your family like to do during your free time?

My family and I enjoy family meals, walking our rescue dogs, traveling, and gardening.

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