Martha Coston

One of history's most important women!

early life and childhood

one of history's most smart, kind, and loving women and that is Martha Coston. She was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Soon at a young age her father die. after her father death Martha's mother took the rest of the Hunt family to Philadelphia. Where she shall soon meet the love of her life Benjamin Franklin Coston. At the age of sixteen Martha Coston marred Benjamin coston (19). Ben and Martha had four kids.

Grieving and Accomplishments

Soon Martha Coston husband had died and her youngest child. With the widow wife Martha Coston goes to pick up her husband (Benjamin Coston) items from work and finds a incomplete task at hand and finsh it (The Signel Flare). The navy used the product and fell in love with it. Martha Coston invention was such a big hit, it was sold every wear. Not to menchen how much it help druing the civil war.

the signel flare

more geriving

sadly a famous hero (Martha Coston) died on july 9, 1904 but you can go see her at philadelphia greave site. May the gratest inventor rest in peace.

fun facts!

Martha's mother called her sunbeam.

Fun Facts!

In 1886 Martha Coston wrote a book about her life called "A signal of success".

Fun Facts!

Benjamin tuterd Martha Coston before they were married

character traits

Smart, because she is a pioneer for women.

character traits

Loving mother, because she took great care of her children even in times of grief.

character traits

Emotionally strong, because after having her husband die, rising children, and making an invention that saved lifes.