Protist Party

Its a party of protists


Ameobas move with its pseudopod also known as the false foot. To get food the amoeba flows its cell membrane and cytoplasm around the food particle and ingest it. Amoebas reproduce asexully. The Amoeba lives in fresh water and water is constantly flowing in it. Wow doesn't this protist sound cool!


The euglena moves by wriggling a whip like tail called a flagellum. Chloroplasts let them make food through photosynthesis. The Euglena reproduces asexually. It has a red eyespot that detects light. The Euglena also lives in fresh or brackish water.


Individual Volvox, in unison, whip their flagella causing it to tumble and move around. The Volvox gets food through photosynthesis. The Volvox reproduces sexually. Individual Volvox team up in groups of 500 to 6,000 to form ball shaped qualities. They live in freshwater.


The Paramecium moves by moving their cilia rhythmically. When they move they bring in food to an oral grove. The Paramecium reproduces asexually. The Paramecium lives in freshwater.