Air Force Assistance Fund

The Air Force Fund


The Air Force Assistance Fund supports all members connected to the air force. From active duty to retirees and their spouses. They support their members in emergency situations and educational benefits. They are also affiliated with several programs including the Air force aid society, Air force villages charitable foundation, Lemay foundation, and the Air force enlisted village. Their goal is to promote the wellbeing of their airmen. They are helping those who travel into the wild blue yonder.

The total percentage of veterans without a degree is 48%. The fund is trying to bring down that rate. Also they are trying to bring down the percentage of homeless veterans. They see their contribution is helping those who contributed so much to this country. They want to help the ones who can’t go home , the ones suffering from PTSD. They want to help in any way to any airmen who needs it. This is why I support this cause.

Facts & Statistics

  • 48% vet. uneducated rate

  • 40% vet. homeless rate

  • 22 veterans commit suicide a day

  • Air Force bases around the world are taking part in the fund

  • Helps airman worldwide

  • Some things they assist are education, medical, and housing.