Child Labor

They Need Your Help

Child Labor and Why Its Bad

Child labor is where children work at factories or other places for a job with small pay. This is bad because they aren't getting paid as much as anyone else. This first started from the day of time. Children worked all shorts of hours for little to no pay. They worked because they had to help out their family. The reason why this is bad because the age could be from 6+. This was bad mainly because kids would work and not go to school. when kids were working and not getting an education, they would not learn or get the right knowledge to understand more things about the world or politics or any of the basic need to know things. This would effect the kids because they wouldn't know how to fight for better wages or fight for what's right due to not knowing what is right.

Effects of Child Labor

  • Child Labor has a great chance of killing children because of all the effects they get. Theses effects can/will kill the kids working at factories.
  • Rapid skeletal growth
  • Development of organs and tissues
  • Greater risk of hearing loss
  • Developing ability to assess risks
  • Greater need for food and rest
  • Higher chemical absorption rates
  • Smaller size
  • Lower heat tolerance
  • All of theses hurt the kids because the effects hurt the body, because of smaller bodies they cant do as much. Rapid growth is were their mode is forcing them to grow up and the body isn't ready for it. the effects of the child labor are vary bad/deadly, Kids are getting hurt for a low pay. All of theses effects hurt the kids and all the kids want to do is help support their family's.