Harmonyum Healing

Gaby de la Rosa


Harmonyum Healing Treatment

A transformational healing modality for lasting change

Imagine that you could erase negative thoughts and stress? Improve physical health and gracefully address such issues as depression, anxiety and/or addiction? Imagine you could create the platform for lasting change in in your life? It is all possible, with Harmonyum.

The Harmonyum Healing system is a complete, holistic, physical and emotional healing modality, used in private practices, wellness centers and addiction recovery facilities. It is being embraced by doctors now more than ever for its ability to facilitate change at the root level. It is today’s answer to permanent self-healing.

This gentle, relaxing, non-invasive hand’s-on modality, directly sends healing to the source of the nervous system, brain and heart and is safe to use for any health condition with no side effects or risk of pharmaceutical interactions.

Harmonyum provides a powerful complimentary treatment strategy for patients who may be undergoing other medical therapies. It is excellent for pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, stress and anxiety, learning disorders, fertility, heart disease and immune system challenges. Harmonyum strengthens and balances the autonomous nervous system, thereby promoting the body’s capacity to heal itself and slow the aging process.

Benefits of Harmonyum Healing

Unparalleled deep rest & inner peace (rejuvenating)
Superior health (revitalizing)
Building of stamina (energizing)
Accelerated recovery (long work week, jet lag, injuries, illnesses, heartbreak, nervous system/stress, fatigue etc.)
Recalibration of body and mind while bringing emotional balance
Increased mental and physical performance



Gaby de la Rosa

Gaby de la Rosa

Shares with the community the experience of her practice and her passion for yoga. Gaby has over 9 years of experience in Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Naam Yoga, Shakti Naam and Hatha.

After years of searching and discovering that change comes from the inside, she was blessed to find Naam Yoga in Playa del Carmen. It was then that her passion for self-healing and her desire to help other people live more consciously was able to manifest through this practice. She feels her darma in this life is to share the Divine Spiritual Wisdom, yoga and meditation.

She shares with the community in a loving, creative and fun way, with people from all walks of life, teaching meditations that are actually yoga for the brain.

Naam Yoga gives you mental clarity, a sense of happiness and peace of mind. It is accessible for all ages, flexibility levels and skill level. Naam Yoga is a very complete practice of self-healing which eliminates stress and restores the flow of vital energy to the whole body and brain.

This practice works harmoniously with movement, mantras (sound), breathing exercises, mudras (hand symbols) and with the wisdom of the Laws of Nature. Naam Yoga allows you to experience deep relaxation and cell renewal.

These meditations will awake your consciousness, open your heart and maintain a youthful glow! Naam Yoga is a unique and refined combination of the most powerful East and West spiritual Traditions which are now available for all to benefit.