M-Powerment Strategy #5

Differentiation & Personalization

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M-Powerment Strategy #5 Highlight:

M-5: Differentiation & Personalization

Students experience a personalized and differentiated learning environment, based on class and individual data, to ensure student understanding through remediation, instruction, and enrichment.

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Instructional Strategy: Learning Menus

Instructional Strategy: No-Opt Out

Engage Students in Learning

Instructional Tool Highlight: Symbaloo

The Superpowers are looking for YOU!

If you are teaching a lesson or using a strategy that shows

  • Standard Aligned Lessons
  • High Expectations and Rigor
  • Culture of Caring

in your classroom, please let us know so we can come by and check it out!

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MMS Media Tips:

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Bringing Differentiation and Personalization into your classroom means that knowing your students beyond just the numbers that represent their grades allows you to build a classroom where students personalized their learning. This article from Mind/Shift explores getting to know the Whole Child. Rethinking Data: How to Create a Holistic View of Students.

The video below is an inside look at the Riverside Unified School District (CA) where students lead their learning in the classroom. The CAVE is great place to begin a deep dive into personalizing your classroom. Check out the CAVE and the CAVE staff to help personalize learning for your students.

RUSD PL Summit

From Cuz's Desk

Genre-fication is coming to the CAVE. The Graphic Novels have been pulled from the collection and sorted in various catagories to make it easier for students to find. We will soon begin on the Fiction section in order to have it complete by next school year. We are excited about what this will mean for our students when looking for that perfect book.

MMS Instructional Tips

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Choice Boards and Menus for Differentiation & Personalization

Here are 3 resources to use in designing contracts, menus or choice boards for your classes. Using boards like these promote student choice as well as enhance students learning at their own pace and level.

From the Help Desk:

Do the Right Thing!

Our district has noticed an increase in damage this year. Most of these issues are not done maliciously but there are still procedures that must be followed.

If damage happens, no matter whether it is a cracked screen or liquid or the computer just won't turn on follow these steps:

1. Alert the help desk immediately -- You can email me, put in a work order or send it to me. I need to know as soon as possible. Liquid damage is going to get worse the longer it sits.

2. Don't attempt to fix the problem yourself -- Google is great for a lot of things, but will not provide a good solution for liquid damage. Your phone may dry up in rice but rice will get in every compartment of the computer and will cause more harm than good.

3. Encourage students to self-report -- When something goes wrong no one wants to admit it. Even though there may be fines incurred the students are not going to necessarily get in trouble. It takes courage to admit when you have done wrong and this is a skill we must instill in our students as early as possible.

This has been an issue throughout the district and this is the perfect time to remind everyone of the correct procedures when damage occurs. Remember if you break a bone you don't get in trouble for going to the doctor!

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TEDx: The Myth of Average by Todd Rose

This is a long video but if you have never watched this one put your earbuds in and sit back to learn a little history and how it relates to teaching students.
The Myth of Average: Todd Rose at TEDxSonomaCounty
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