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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Scholastic Book Fair

Our class will be visiting the book fair on Thursday, November 8th. As a result, I won't be sending home book order flyers for the month of November. Though, do check out the book fair flyer in your child's Friday Folder.


We are finished with the investigations for the first part of our Structures of Life study. In a few weeks we'll pick back up with crayfish and snails. Look for your child's plant test to come home in next week's Friday Folder.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We have spent this week multiplying! The kids have practiced the partial-products method and will practice the traditional algorithm next week. Both are acceptable ways to show work when multiplying. We'll also practice the area model. Please encourage your child to practice their facts at home. Flashcards can offer the necessary repeated practice. There are also many websites that can be helpful. Kids can plan on having a 1-minute, 3-minute fact quiz each Friday! You'll find a corrected topic quiz and exit tickets in your child's Friday Folder. In addition, you'll have the chance to check out some of the writing that the kids have been doing in math. Just a reminder that kids have one opportunity to submit corrections to better their grade per exit ticket.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ We finished module 2, and you should have seen your child’s corrected test by now. The signed test and corrections are due on Monday. Yesterday and today we worked with the formulas for area and perimeter. The students are able to find the area and perimeter of given rectangles. Next week we move on to multiplication. The students will begin with multiplying by 10, 100 and 1,000. Then we start multiplication of 2-3 digit numbers by a 1-digit number. The students will be taught a few different strategies to multiply. The first ones they learn help them understand the values of the numbers they are multiplying. Eventually they will learn the traditional method. Students may use any method that clicks for them. My goal is that when they multiply, it's mathematically sound and correct! Please set up a practice routine of multiplication facts at home. 5-10 minutes is all that is needed each night.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ Last week we completed module 2, you should have seen the assessment come home with your child this past week. We have now moved on to module 3. This module teaches the kids about multiplication and division. This module will take us about 7 weeks to complete. I sent homes a module overview in your child's Friday folder. We started this week with work on area and perimeter. This proved to be challenging for most of the class so a lesson that typically takes 1 day took 3 days to finish, where I felt comfortable moving on. One thing that I have noticed is lacking in most of the kids is math fact recall. With that being said I am asking that you work with your child at home to master the basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts.


PAWS ~ The kids are on a roll! I love reading their work. For one, their personalities shine through and I get a whole list of mini lessons! Homophones of to, too, and two and there, their, they're is where we'll start!

Read Aloud ~ I'm still reading Ruby Holler by Sharon Creech. It's such a great story!

Mid-Unit Assessment ~ Most students have their corrected Mid-Unit Assessment in their Friday Folders. This assessment is tough. Don't let a disappointing grade get you down! Answering the short answer questions is challenging and you'll see so much growth just within a few weeks!

Veterans Day

On Friday, November 9th, the we'll attend the Annual Veterans Day assembly. Let's plan to wear red, white, and blue!