Friday, December 12, 2014

I Just NEED 5 Minutes!!!

This is a list of five free online resources that are quick and easy, and will give you those five precious minutes in your early elementary classroom.

Three Very Cool Map Making Sites:

Set Game

Set is a multi-award winning game. It sharpens visual perception (and it is addicting!) The webiste posts a new puzzle everyday, so It is a great bellringer activity for the start of a class! I've played it with students in grades 4-12, and they loved it!
The Set Game is a puzzle that uses cards which ave four features on them: colors, symbols, shading and numbers. There is only one rule to make a SET. A SET is three cards in which each individual feature is either all the same on each card or all different. See the examples and check out the tutorial below.
Daily puzzle:


Creative Commons Licensed Photos

When I reviewed this site, I found a few photos that were a bit racy, so I don't think this site is appropriate for younger kids even though the title is "Photos for Class."

For older kids and adults it is useful. This site helps users find and cite Creative Commons-licensed images. The site utilizes Flickr's API to find images that match the user's search terms. After finding an image to use, users click the download link just below the image. The downloaded image will have the attribution information added to it! Handy!

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